"This Show Is Surrounded by True Events" Program

Sacred Fools Theater Company presents...

This Show Is Surrounded by True Events

written by Pamela Eberhardt
concept by J. Bailey Burcham & Pamela Eberhardt
directed by Scott Leggett


  • Pam Quinn Penny / Judge / Others
  • Tyler Stilwill Shiloh / Mark / Others

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Stage Manager: Rebecca Schoenberg

Associate Producer: Bruno Oliver

Music by: Pamela Eberhardt

Projection Designer: Ben Rock

Promotional Video Director: Jaime Robledo

Publicity: Scott Golden

Key Art: Michelle Hanzelova

* Member of Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States

This production is presented under the auspices of the Actors' Equity Los Angeles Membership Company Rule.

Produced for Sacred Fools by Scott Leggett

Special Thanks:
Dan Combs (transition music)
Andy Prescott
Innocence Center
Heather Marie Roberts
Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan
Jamie Robledo

This production is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture.
This production is supported, in part, by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.
This production is supported, in part, by a grant from Council District 13, City of Los Angeles.
Our educational projects are supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

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A Message from the Sacred Fools Board President

A lot of change has been happening in the Los Angeles theater world since last year's Hollywood Fringe Festival. For the large producing companies, the Intimate Theater scene and for the independent artists who make up a large part of the Fringe. When our city's flagship, historically important regional theater is forced to suspend its programming one might well wonder how everyone else can stand any kind of chance.

The answer for our small theater company, I believe, is to face this changing landscape head on with eyes wide open. To be nimble and opportunistic and determined and optimistic. To honor Sacred Fools history and all the art and hard work company members and staff put in over 27 years as our share of building what we know call the L.A. Intimate Theater Community, even as we came to the difficult truth that it was time to radically change how our company must operate, create and survive moving forward.

As part of our commitment to adapt, change and improve, The Sacred Fools Board has crafted and approved a new Mission Statement which we present for you here:

The Sacred Fools Theater Company is an organization committed to create, sustain and nurture live theatre in Los Angeles. In the evolving reality of the theater of today, we are continually searching for new and inspiring artists to partner with and foster. While our specific focus is on work that is intrinsically theatrical, we also strive to create opportunities for both established peers and emerging artists, especially from historically under-represented backgrounds. We seek to be a theatrical hub, providing and sharing our resources to create a community of communities.

I've underlined that last sentence because Sacred Fools' involvement with the Hollywood Fringe Festival, both as the largest host venue and in producing three of our own Fringe shows, is perhaps the most intense, high-octane, possibly insane way in which we manifest that commitment. It's our hope that the Fringe energy of many artists bouncing creativity and love off each other is present here year round.

Bruno Oliver
Board President
Sacred Fools Theater


Pamela Quinn Eberhardt as Penny / Judge | Playwright

Pamela Quinn Eberhardt (she/her) has been writing and producing plays and musicals since she was 17 years old in both Los Angeles and New York. Since 2013 Pam has been supporting organizations like The Innocence Project in their mission to exonerate those who are wrongfully convicted. Pam is delighted to premiere this piece to the Hollywood Fringe Festival where she has been participating as a writer and performer since 2017. Her favorite Fringe works include: 13th Grade, The Runaway Clone (2018 Nominee for Best Musical), Wigfield, Most Likely To (2022 Nominee for Best Cabaret), School for Love (2023 Nominee for Best Cabaret) and Under the Influence (2023 Theatre Theater Nominee for Best Playwright). You can find her on the internet singing with her dog. Shout out to Bailey for often being the other half of my creative brain, Scott and Sacred Fools for believing in this show and helping guide it here, Tyler for taking all of this on with a smile and excited anticipation and Andy for not only putting up with Pam through all of this, but for celebrating her for all of this.

Tyler Hayes Stilwill as Shiloh

Tyler Hayes Stilwill (they/them) spent most of their first life (pre-transition), bouncing from world to world, pretending to be a variety of "men" - the Artistic Director of a Children's Theatre, an actor, a writer, a tattoo artist, a singer/songwriter, an international marketing executive, an acting professor and even a few years stocking shelves at Trader Joe's. Since the rebirth in 2019, they have been working to deepen their relationship with the Trans community, and focus in on telling their incredibly compelling and often completely ignored stories. Still an acting professor, writer, director and filmmaker, they have become a committed advocate for all the under-heard voices of their students, friends and heroes, both in class and in the world outside. In 2023 they directed a reading for ACTNOW's Trans/Gender-Nonconforming play reading festival, which further locked in their powerful and personal mission to tell the stories of Transgender folks.

Scott Leggett | Director/Producer

Scott Leggett (he/him) is a Fringe veteran, having won Best Two-Person Play, along with Nedra Gallegos for Ronnie Larsen's If I'm Good. He performed multiple characters in Burglars of Hamm's critically acclaimed production of Resa Fantastiskt Mystisk, which won Top of Fringe in 2017. He was Monster in Cookie and the Monster at the HFF '15, which won Best Ensemble. He earned praise playing Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle opposite French Stewart in the critically acclaimed Pasadena Playhouse production of Stoneface: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Buster Keaton. At Sacred Fools, he played the titular character in Watson: The Last Great Tale of the Legendary Sherlock Holmes as well as its sequel. He studied theater at Penn State University and has appeared in several films, commercials and TV shows. Scott is also an accomplished director, having staged the hugely successful adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere at Sacred Fools. He also directed The Poe Show, which won Best Comedy at the HFF '15, and Skullduggery: The Musical Prequel to Hamlet. He currently serves as the Producing Director / Interim Artistic Director for Sacred Fools.

Ben Rock | Projection Designer

Ben Rock (he/him) is an award-winning director and projection designer. Directing credits include Baal, Richard III, Occupation and The Sirens of Titan. He designed projections for Mercury (The Road), Stoneface (Pasadena Playhouse) and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Sacred Fools), as well as Sci-Fest, Empire Burlesque (Broad Stage) and Driving Wilde (Theatre of NOTE). His film work ranges from production designing The Blair Witch Project to numerous features, shorts, web series, and audio projects. You can see his work at benrock.com.

Sacred Fools Staff

Managing Director:
Padraic Duffy

Producing Director | Interim Artistic Director:
Scott Leggett

Technical Director:
Rebecca Schoenberg

Education/Business Manager:
Emily Kosloski

Bruno Oliver

Corey Klemow

Board of Directors:
David Baron
Padraic Duffy
Brian Finkelstein
Bruno Oliver
Detra Payne
Paul Plunkett
Ariadne Shaffer
John Sylvain