SACRED FOOLS | MAINSTAGE 2000 - 2G's (Two Gentlemen of Verona)

Congratulations to the Cast & Crew of 2G's!!!
Winner of 2 NAACP Theater Awards!

Best Director - Scott "Homeboy" Rabinowitz
Best Choreography - Joe Hernandez-Kolski
Nominated for 7 NAACP Theater Awards!
Best Produced Play - Sacred Fools Theater Company, Bil "G Money" Garrity & Joe Hernandez Kolski
Best Director - Scott "Homeboy" Rabinowitz
Best Music - DJ Al Jackson, Jonathon Goldstein & Jessie Thompson
Best Choreography - Joe Hernandez-Kolski
Best Lighting - Aaron "True Dat Yo" Francis & Norman "SFX" Gilmore
Best Performance Male - R.C. Ormand
Best Performance Female - Ameenah Kaplan

Shout out to your peeps! 
"...the most entertaining evening of Shakespeare in recent memory!" 
- LA Weekly's Pick of the Week!

On the Sacred Fools Mainstage
May 18 - June 17, 2000
Thur, Fri & Sat at 8pm
Tickets: 10 Bones
Reservations: 310-281-8337

The show was extended for an open-ended run at the Martini Lounge!

(Two Gentlemen of Verona)
Word by William Shakespeare
A Scott Rabinowitz Joint
Produced by Bil Garrity & Joe Hernandez-Kolski

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Carla Jo Bailey, Herschel Bleefeld, Haynes Brooke, Ransford Doherty, Jaleel Gafour, Joe Jordan, G. Anthony Joseph, Ameenah Kaplan, Matthew Yang King, Jeffrey Landman,  Lisa Lovett-Mann, Scott McShane, Peter Anthony Moore, Gretchen Morgan, R.C. Ormond, Cheryl Tsai, Shakespeare & DJ Al Jackson

Assistant Director - Ben Davis
Sets/Lighting Design - Aaron Francis
SFX lighting - Norman Gilmore
Choreographer - Joe Hernandez-Kolski
Costumes - Elif Inanc with Mary Hayes
Stage Manager - April Byrd


B-Boy/Producer, Joe Hernandez-Kolski freestyles 
on 2G's for KCRW's Chocolate City!

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Thanks to KCRW's Chocolate City  for hostin' us all night!
Click hear to listen to the whole program! 
Featuring Joe, Scott, Ransford & DJ Al Jackson!



LA WEEKLY *Pick of the Week

Several divine coincidences make Scott Rabinowitz’s hip-hop adaptation of Two Gentlemen of Verona a perfect fit into contemporary America — from the abbreviated title, to an actor named A Dogg who plays the canine role, to the implicit racial overtones of a white woman addressing her black lover as "servant." Rabinowitz sets Shakespeare’s comedy about betrayal of friendship and love in an American nightclub called Milan, complete with hip-hop DJ and dancers. The sprinkling of current slang into the text works so well, it’s occasionally difficult to distinguish the Sacred Fools company’s jabs from the Bard’s. And the uncomplicated story lends itself well to Rabinowitz’s modern spin: A cad named Proteus (R.C. Ormond) breaks girlfriend Julia’s (Ameenah Kaplan) heart when he plots to steal best friend Valentine’s (Ransford Doherty) girl, Silvia (Gretchen Morgan). The chemistry between the principals and a strong supporting cast (especially outstanding comedians Herschel Bleefeld and Scott McShane as clownish servants Launce and Speed), combined with breakdancing and fly-girl/b-boy ensemble dancing — and DJ Al Jackson’s groovalicious soundtrack — all adds up to the most entertaining evening of Shakespeare in recent memory. Kudos to Rabinowitz for his expert reading between the lines and inspired sight gags; to Elif Inanc and Mary Hayes for costumes (particularly drag queen Sir E’glamour’s colorful wardrobe); and to Aaron Francis and Norman Gilmore for lighting and special-effects lighting, respectively.

—Miriam Jacobson