SACRED FOOLS | MAINSTAGE 2000 - Cut, Poison, and Burn

A West Coast Premiere!

Cut, Poison & Burn

By Louis Peter Cimino
Directed by David P. Moore
Produced by Stephanie Bell

On the Sacred Fools Mainstage
August 24 - September 23, 2000
Thur, Fri & Sat at 8pm
Reservations: (310) 281-8337


Mark Bennington

as Dr. Lucien DeVito 

Amy Motta

as Carol Anderson

Stephanie Noel Little 

as Sally Frye

David Grammer

as Dr. John Baron

Frederick Bald

as Dr. Stan Glower

James Keenley

as Walter DeVito

Russell Edge

as William Foster

Vic Chao

as Dr. Huang

Betsy Chapman

as Muriel

Richard Gustafson 

as Richard Pell

Deena Rubinson

as Diane Smith

Ariadne Shaffer

as Paula Conroy

Laurie Searle

as Lucille Baylor

Melissa Roddy

as Dr. Livingston