SACRED FOOLS | MAINSTAGE 2002 - Crazyface - Production Photos

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The Eulenspiegel family.
L-R:  Ruth Silveira, Tara Platt, Mark Schrier, Ashley West Leonard & Liesel Kopp.

Sheba (Liesel Kopp) and Ella (Ruth Silveira) - sister and mother of Tyl Eulenspiegel... aka Crazyface.

Crazyface (Mark Schrier) and his sister, Annie (Tara Platt).

The citizens of Loon gather around the shattered body of Wormwood (Yuri Lowenthal).

Crazyface meets the Spanish spy Alvarez (Henry Dittman) on the road.

Crazyface's brother, murderous clown Lenny (David LM Mcintyre), and devious Cardinal Mengo (Jacob Sidney).

A witch (Crystal Keith) prepares to summon up the spirit of Alvarez for the King of Spain (Yuri Lowenthal).

The spirit of Alvarez.

The Italian spy (Amir Talai) and the English spy (John Wuchte).

Tyl has been living in the woods.

He meets a pig breeder (Andy Corren)...

...who wants Tyl to marry his daughter (Lee Bradley).

The bridesmaid (Lori Funk) comforts the bride, whose previous groom was, so they say, eaten by a lion.

The wedding guests.

Crazyface meets an old clown (David LM Mcintyre).

The invisible Angel (Henry Dittman) torments cripples (Liesel Kopp and Lori Funk).

The Angel torments Tyl's selfish sister Irvette (Ashley West Leonard).

An older and wiser Sheba watches her brother fly away, and describes it for Ella, who is now blind.

B&W photos by Kim Gottlieb-Walker
Color photos by Kerry Kopp

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