SACRED FOOLS | MAINSTAGE 2006 - A Mulholland Christmas Carol


Musical Direction by Bill Newlin

Fifth Anniversary Production!

NOV. 24 - DEC. 23, 2006
Fridays @ 8pm
Saturdays @ 8pm
Sundays @ 4pm
plus Thurs, Nov. 30 @ 8pm


The Award-Winning Hit Holiday Show
A Mulholland Christmas Carol Returns...
this time to the Sacred Fools Stage!


Horror, pathos and catchy tunes!

Listen to some song samples
from the Original Cast Album!
Music & Lyrics by Bill Robens
"Bully!" - Music by Genemichael Barrera,
Bill Newlin & Bill Robens

Tickets: $25

(310) 281-8337
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Theatre of NOTE and Sacred Fools are proud to announce the Fifth Annual production of Bill Robens' award winning (Best Comedy Ensemble, Best Adaptation) holiday extravaganza, A Mulholland Christmas Carol. The musical comedy adaptation of A Christmas Carol - retold with LA.'S DWP water baron, William Mulholland, as Scrooge - fuses Charles Dickens' classic tale of redemption with a hilarious tongue-in-cheek critique on political corruption in Los Angeles.

Once again, a recreation of the St. Francis Dam - 180 ft. high and 600 ft. long - will be destroyed every night, live, on stage, releasing 11.4 billion gallons of water onto the unsuspecting audience in the only stage version of the whole tragic story.


David Conner

Dan Wingard

Kelsey Ann Wedeen

Scott McKinley

Darrett Sanders

Dean Lemont

Terry Tocantins

Gene Michael Barrera

Linda Graves

Rebecca Rhae Larsen

Kirsten Vangsness

Michelle Welk

Philip Newby

Fleur Philips

Monroe Makowsky

Sierra Rein 

Old Mulholland

Harvey Van Norman * Wilfred Watterson * Others

Boy * Newsie * Young Rube * Secretary * Others

Fred Eaton * Bob * Others

John Wesley Powell * Mayor Rose II * Others

Young Mulholland * Peter Van Norman * Others

J.B. Lippincott * Poquito Pablito * Others

Jenkins * Harrison Gray Otis * St. Francis * Others

Moses Sherman * Mrs. Van Norman * Others

Woman in Rags * Martha Van Norman * Others

Lois * Rube * Mary Van Norman * Others

Lille Mulholland * Melinda Van Norman * Others

Stafford Austin * Charity Guy * Mayor Rose I * Others

Emeline Childs * Nurse Jones * Mary Austin * Others

Theodore Roosevelt * Aguilar * Governor Pardee * Others

Rae McGillicuddy * Ellen Beach Yaw * Charity Gal * Others 


Opening Number

Mulholland's Theme

L.A. River

All Dams Leak
(NEW FOR 2006!)

Our Owens Valley Song

Land Grab

Hail the Water *

Bully! §

It's Christmas Time

This Fine Dam

I Envy the Dead



Mulholland with Van Norman & Ensemble

Young Mulholland

The Fat Cats, Young Mulholland & the Socialites



Ellen Beach Yaw & Ensemble

Teddy Roosevelt with Mulholland





Music & Lyrics by Bill Robens

* Traditional lyrics adapted by Bill Robens
§ Music by Genemichael Barrera, Bill Newlin & Bill Robens

Produced by


Lighting Design

Set Design

Costume Design


Wardrobe Assistant

Sound Design

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Lynn Odell, Brandon Clark & Gene Michael Barrera

Leanne Fonteyn

Jeremy Pivnick

Dean Lemont, Monroe Makowsky, Darrett Sanders & Kiff Scholl

Miguel Montalvo & Amy Conner

McKerrin Kelly

Rebecca Rhae Larsen

Marc Antonio Pritchett & Robert Oriol

Hans Gelpke

Amber Rey

REVIEWS of the 2006 production
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LAist (Recommended!)

Today, the City of Los Angeles began the restoration of the Owens River.  Don't know what that is?  Don't care?  You should.  And we have a way that's probably the best 2 hours you'll ever have learning about the history of Los Angeles.

If LACityNerd is a comedian, then the nerd's anonymous identity would be leaked as Bill Robens, author of the musical theatre delight known as A Mulholland Christmas Carol, now playing through December 23rd at The Sacred Fools Theater.

Even a theatergoer who was forced to go at the hands of his wife told us he had a great time.  If you were tricked into going to Menopause the Musical with her, give her another chance because you will be laughing within the first minute.

The set is sweet and simple, the metatheatrical puns are everywhere and the actors can actually sing and harmonize.  This isn't musical theatre at the Ahmanson or Pantages with an orchestra and technical microphone systems, this is most nitty-gritty polished small theatre musical in town.

Sad as it is, the producers of the show have let us know that this year will probably be the last year it will be shown due to Actor's Equity, high production costs and small theatre spaces.  Treat yourself with the holiday spirit by learning the history of this "thirsty bitch-goddess" known as Los Angeles.

-- Zach Behrens

L.A. CityBeat

Excerpted from "Christmas Spiritedness"
Read the full article

A much more L.A.-centric Christmas favorite, Bill Robens’s A Mulholland Christmas Carol, has returned for its fifth annual outing, this year at Sacred Fools Theater instead of its previous home at the tinier Theatre of NOTE (the two companies are coproducing). This clever musical has never been more current. The Scrooge-like character is pioneering L.A. water czar William Mulholland, forced by the ghosts of Christmases past and present to watch how he desiccated the Owens Valley on behalf of thirsty L.A. This year the show happened to coincide with the ceremony in which Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa went to the Owens Valley in order to give some of the water back.

When the play’s Mulholland is visited by the ghost of Christmas yet to come, he’s shown a vision of the collapse of a dam he created. But then he wakes up and resolves to change his ways. In real life, Mulholland’s St. Francis Dam actually disintegrated in 1928, creating a terrible flood that killed hundreds. A newspaper article on the lobby wall relates that particular horror story.

But never fear that this might be inappropriate for the yuletide. The show itself is drenched in lighthearted satire, with pumped-up musical numbers and just a splash of the redemptive spirit of the original Dickens. Any theatergoer who uses L.A. water should see it.

-- Don Shirley
L.A. CityBeat


I saw this two years ago, and loved it. I saw it again just now, and it's just as fab! This is a truly hilarious mish-mash of Dickens's story and the history of Los Angeles. Definitely a local classic -- see it and be cool. :-)

-- Cara King
Pasadena, CA



Excerpted from "Nutcracker again? Go ahead, bring it on!"
Read the full article

In this year's production of Bill Robens' "A Mulholland Christmas Carol," a Dickens-inspired musical that recasts Scrooge as L.A.'s controversial early water baron William Mulholland, Theatre of NOTE has teamed for the first time with another veteran Hollywood company, Sacred Fools Theater.

References to L.A. history, theater and various holiday film classics "that we poke a happy stick at," are an incentive for audiences to return to catch details they missed before, said director Kiff Scholl.

"I smoosh my own thumbprint on to the show and there's always new cast members, new bits, new harmonies, even new songs."

-- Lynne Heffley
L.A. Times