SACRED FOOLS | "Why I'm In POONA THE F#%*KDOG" by Ruth Silveira


by Ruth Silveira

I'm in a show that audiences enjoy, that's received a "GO" review from L.A. Weekly, but that causes, at first mention, a raised eyebrow, wary reaction in many people.

We are guessing that some people are staying away from this production because of the title of the show. And when that's all one has to go on, I can understand that. So here's a little more information:

This play is more about ideas than any activity that might be suggested by the title. And ideas about lots of things--social issues, word usage, God, TV, and more. Besides the characters mentioned above, there's also a handsome prince, a rabbit, a frog, an insidiously seductive computer, and more. Plus some fun songs.

When the director, Adam Bitterman, suggested I audition for the play I looked at it askance. I never even use the word f#*%k. My favorite expletive is "Rats!" But an actor likes to be asked, and it is my theater company doing the show, so I read it. And liked it. It's funny. It veers off on weird tangents that tickled me.

Then, I happened to see a commercial on TV, can't remember what for, a bunch of 8 or 9 or 10 year old girls, wearing tiny little sexy clothes, dancing with little sexy dance moves, selling something. What?!! Why there's a whole crop of Fuckdogs being taught and nurtured! I've raised two daughters and endured numerous expressions of frustration when I wouldn't let them go to PG-13 movies until they were 13, among other things I discouraged. I'm telling you, it's rough. And such commercials as I described, as well as other depictions of young women on TV, are not helping. Just the opposite.

And I'm happy I was cast in this play and happy to be playing in it because "Poona the Fuckdog" wants us to think about what we're doing. I assure you, the vibration of that commercial was a lot lower than the vibration of this play. And the play is a heck of a lot funnier, too.

--Ruth Silveira

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