adapted by Jon Jory
from the novella by Voltaire
directed by Paul Plunkett (43 Plays For 43 Presidents, Endgame)

Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm
Thursday, Sept. 24 @ 8pm
Sundays, Oct. 4 & 11 @ 7pm
Previews: Fri-Sat, Sept. 4-5 & Thurs, Sept. 10 @ 8pm

Tickets: $25 (Previews: $15)
Friday, Sept. 18: Donate What You Can
(310) 281-8337 or Buy Tickets Online

WORLD PREMIERE!  Thrust into a global journey filled with danger, betrayal, and injustice, Voltaire's Candide struggles to hold onto his optimistic belief in the essential goodness of humanity... if only humanity would stop killing his friends and stealing his sheep...     

Friday, September 18: DONATE WHAT YOU CAN. It's "Pay What You Can" with a twist! Half of all proceeds for this performance will be donated to Alexandria House. Founded in 1996, Alexandria House is a non-profit transitional residence and house of hospitality providing safe and supportive housing for women and children in the process of moving from emergency shelter to permanent housing. Located in the densely populated and ethnically diverse Mid-Wilshire area, Alexandria House also serves its broader neighborhood community by providing educational and enrichment opportunities for residents and neighbors alike. Tickets that night may only be purchased at the door. Call (310) 281-8337 to make a reservation.


"What is outstanding on every level are the indefatigable, and impeccably hilarious performances by the entire cast... Jon Jory’s Candide is a very plain comedy which hits the intellectual mark." -Gia on the Move

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Scott Golden as Candide
Kalinda Gray as Woman 1
Cynthia Beckert as Woman 2
Christopher Salazar as Man 1
David LM McIntyre as Man 2
Paul Turbiak as Man 3


Hunter McClamrock as Candide
Carrie Keranen as Woman 1
Erika Rose Salomon as Woman 2
Michael Mullen as Man 1
Chairman Barnes as Man 2
Bart Tangredi as Man 3


Produced for Sacred Fools by - Danielle Ozymandias
Associate Producers - Jaime Andrews & Richard Levinson
Stage Manager - Rebecca Schoenberg
Assistant Director - Mike Mahaffey
Set Design - Tifanie McQueen
Lighting Design - Stacey Abrams & Matthew Richter
Sound Design - Paul Plunkett
Costume Design - Jennifer Christina DeRosa
Prop Design - Lisa Anne Nicolai
Dialect Coach - Crystal Keith
Wig Master - Mandi Moss
Lead Builder
- Joshua Benton
Production Master Carpenter
- Scot Shamblin
Casting Coordinator
- Isaac Deakyne
Performance Photography - Jennifer Christina DeRosa
Key Art - Marc Posch Design

Music by Ryan Johnson

- Sacred Fools Company Member

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. (


Gia on the Move

Candide Takes a Ride at Sacred Fools

"Must despair be my only companion?"

Jon Jory’s new adaptation of Voltaire’s signature novella, Candide, launches Sacred Fools’ 19th season, with lead actor Scott Golden as the eternal naif and a supporting cast of six, inhabiting dozens of roles in a heroic journey for intimate stage.

Jory’s alteration is a minimalist concept, envisioned with a much more “bare” set and simple storytelling compared to much of what has been showcased of late at Sacred Fools. The truly imaginative aspects are rendered within the characters and the actors who play them exquisitely. The usual “Fools” imprimatur is covered here throughout the comedy with plenty of gags and non-sequiturs that never fall flat...

There is danger (which isn’t particularly dangerous), betrayal (which didn’t seem so bad), and injustice (but then new hope always prevails), in pursuit of love (he gets the girl in the end, but there’s catch) treasure (which he keeps giving away!) and despicable pleasures (we would have definitely liked to have seen more of that). For Candide it really sucks being an optimist.

For anyone who is not familiar with the story (or the Sondheim updated version of the Bernstein original musical) of this play, it is a subversive and unpredictably humorous satire – bawdy, absurd, playful, often sarcastic and somewhat moralistic. The piece was born through the actual experiences of François-Marie Arouet, later known as Voltaire, who grew up in a time when Louis XIV was king of France, the vast majority of people in France lived in crushing poverty, and the French aristocracy ruled with an iron fist. By the mid 1700s, Voltaire grew increasingly appalled by the specters of injustice, and inexplicable disaster that he saw around him. Many terrible events influenced his composition of Candide including a disastrous earthquake in Lisbon in 1755; the outbreak of the gruesome Seven Years’ War in 1756; and the unjust execution of the English Admiral John Byng in 1757.

Candide rides a guileless wave that scrapes through the underbelly of life and although not in any way arrives or leaves unscathed, manages to survive the horrors of poverty, misshapen adventure, death, scandal, blind love and disappointment in what he believes is the essential goodness in humanity. Candide gives freely but is regularly rewarded with sordid acts and slimy morals of too many characters who take advantage of him. And yet he continues to “give” putting the act of goodness and rightness above all rather than succumbing to the gutter.

What is outstanding on every level are the indefatigable, and impeccably hilarious performances by the entire cast especially Kalinda Gray and David LM McIntyre who drives the extremes of the story. An absolutely honest, light-hearted and un-fabricated Golden subtly holds the show to its ever wide-eyed finale.

Highly creative and colorful costume design completely enhanced the program (especially for the ladies).

Jon Jory’s Candide is a very plain comedy which hits the intellectual mark.

“Do you still believe the world is fair?”

“All for the best.”

--Tracey Paleo
© 2015 Gia on the Move

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SEPT 11 - OCT 17, 2015
Previews Sept. 4-5 & 10
Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm
Thursday, Sept. 24 @ 8pm
Sundays, Oct. 4 & 11 @ 7pm
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Adapted by
Jon Jory
From the Novel by
Directed by
Paul Plunkett
Scott Golden as Candide