The Value of Moscow

by Amy Dellagiarino
directed by Carrie Keranen

Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm, Sundays @ 7pm
Previews: Fri-Sat, Nov. 2-3 @ 8pm

Tickets: $15 (Previews: $10)
Ticket sales coming soon

WORLD PREMIERE! Hell is... other siblings. There's no place like home... to make you wanna kill somebody. Three grown "adult" sisters are thrust back into living together as a last resort after their various lives have fallen apart. This trio can't even agree on how to unpack their stuff much less their relationships and pasts. And before they can finish the bottle of vodka they found in the kitchen, everything goes from bad to worse, to a lot, LOT worse. Can they set aside their grievances long enough to work together and save themselves? Probably not. But with acerbic wit and an encounter with the pizza man, these three sisters aim to find out.

Performing on the Broadwater Second Stage (Entrance at 6320 Santa Monica Blvd.)


Devin Sidell as Emily
Madeleine Heil as Rose
Julie Bersani as Clara
Gregory Guy Gorden as Cliff
Andres Paul Ramacho as Jimbo


Tiffany Cole as Emily
Heather Klinke as Rose
Nikki Mejia as Clara
Ryan Gowland as Cliff
Brendan Broms as Jimbo


Produced for Sacred Fools by Marisa O'Brien
Associate Producer - Moncia Greene
Assistant Director - Lemon Baardsen
Set Designer - Aaron Francis
Light & Sound Designer - Matt Richter
Costume & Prop Designer - Linda Muggeridge

- Sacred Fools Company Member