Tangerine Sunset

by Peter Fluet
directed by JJ Mayes

MARCH 15 - APRIL 13, 2019
Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm, Sundays @ 7pm

Tickets: $15 (Preview: $10) - Buy Tickets Now!

WORLD PREMIERE! Every paradise has a tragic comic dark side. This homegrown play will close the 22nd Season in the Broadwater Main Stage. In the vein of Absolutely Filthy, Watson, A Kind of Love Story and Beaverquest!, Sacred Fools brings you another show created in its late-night comedy cauldron, Serial Killers. TANGERINE SUNSET tells the story of several unlucky souls who find themselves the involuntary guests of a palatial estate on a mysterious private island. These celebrities, billionaires, madmen, and innocents desperately try to survive the night with their lives and sanity intact. Somewhere in the dark intersection of murder, mayhem, and laughter lies the Tangerine Sunset.

Performing on the Broadwater Main Stage (Entrance at 1076 Lillian Way)

"RECOMMENDED... run to see Tangerine Sunset... the show features well-crafted witty writing, crisp and funny direction by JJ Mayes, a truly impressive set by Pete Hickok, remarkable costume design by Linda Muggeridge, and is well worth crashing into Sacred Fools for an evening of comedy and pulp intrigue." -Gia On the Move

"A juicy masterclass in the mystery comedy genre... An outrageous, farcical out of this world adventure that exemplifies physical comedy and timing..." -Mike Check

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Friday, March 22: DONATE WHAT YOU CAN. It's "Pay What You Can" with a twist! Half of all proceeds for this performance will be donated to CRE Outreach, a non-profit arts organization that provides multi-disciplinary performing arts participation and performance opportunities to under-served populations in Los Angeles. CRE Outreach is home to Theatre by the Blind, and invites all of their participants, staff, contributors and audiences to live their wildest dreams and best lives regardless of personal circumstances. Purchase tickets now!




Jahmone Duhaney as Mark Timmons
Anahi Bustillos as Lydia Timmons
Peter Fluet as Jacob Timmons
Erin J. Lann as CC
Lauren Van Kurin as Brenda
Kristyn Evelyn as Sienna Lordess
Victor Isaac as Shep Halpert
Ren Harris as Connie Halpert
Scott Leggett as Casper Lenz
Heather Schmidt as Moira Lenz
Michael Shaw Fisher as Dawniel
Dave Theune as Dave Tooney


Schoen Hodges as Mark Timmons
Alli Miller as Lydia Timmons
Ryan Coil as Jacob Timmons
Nikki Muller as CC
Jennifer Christina DeRosa as Brenda
Naina Michaud as Sienna Lordess
Ryan Gowland as Shep Halpert / Dawniel
Alaya Lee Walton as Connie Halpert
Allison Reeves as Cassandra Lenz
Katie McDermott as Moira Lenz


Produced for Sacred Fools by Jamie Fluet, David Mayes & Brian W. Wallis
Assistant Director - Alyssa Preston
Stage Manager - Sofija Dutcher
Lighting Designer - Matt Richter
Sound Designer - Jaime Robledo
Costume Designer - Linda Muggeridge
Set Designer - Pete Hickok
Prop Designer - Brandon Clark
"Tangerine Sunset" Theme Song - Words & Music by Richard Levinson , Jamie Fluet & Joel Wachbrit; vocals by Jamie Fluet
Original Raps - Chris Alvarado
Movement Director - Tavi Stutz
Fight Director
- Mike Mahaffey, SDC
Fight Captain
- Kristyn Evelyn
- Bob DeRosa
Assistant Stage Manager
- Erin Cazares M. Sanzo
Assistant Lighting Designer
- Kaitlin Chang
Run Crew
- Chairman Barnes
Photography - Matt Kamimura
Key Art - Mara Hesed
(Claw Marks designed by Freepik)


Gia On the Move (RECOMMENDED)

A 'Pulp' Tangerine Dream by Sacred Fools

If you're a fan of Agatha Christie stories, '60's Hammer Horror films, Murder By Death, and gloriously goofy live productions run to see Tangerine Sunset which just opened at the Sacred Fools' Broadwater Mainstage.

Peter Fluet's new comedy embraces the tropes of classic suspense mysteries like Ten Little Indians and The Most Dangerous Game.

A collection of people - a movie star (Jahmone Duhaney), his wife (Alli Miller - understudy for this performance), his brother (Fluet), a YouTube influencer (Kristyn Evelyn), and the crew of their chartered plane (Victor Issacs, Ren Harris, Lauren Van Kurin and Erin J. Lann) - crash on an island inhabited by a Dr. No-style uber-villain (Scott Leggett), his eccentric (and somewhat stiff) wife (Heather Schmidt), and his RiffRaff-ian assistant/slave (Michael Shaw Fisher). Obviously, the uber-villain has an uber-villainous plan and as the survivors of the crash are hosted in the creepy estate/hotel Tangerine Sunset, they are completely unaware that nefarious things lurk beneath, behind, and in the walls around them...

Leggett, Schmidt, and Fisher are perfect as the villainous threesome, playing a wonderful balance of nefariousness and absurdism. Schmidt's physicality is hysterically impressive, and Fisher's specificity and commitment is a joy to watch. Leggett's work is always funny, but his scene hobnobbing with the guests at an impromptu cocktail party is particularly howl-inducing.

The rest of the cast is equally good, Duhaney turning in a funny, grounded, and all-too-realistic portrayal of a self-obsessed actor; Evelyn nailing the pop-culture Influencer stereotype; both Isaacs-and-Harris and Van Kurin-and-Lann playing beautifully off of each other in old-time comedy team style; Fluet plays the perfect funny straight man in a cast of unhinged characters; and understudy Miller sticks the landing with a sharp, hysterical performance.

...the show features well-crafted witty writing, crisp and funny direction by JJ Mayes, a truly impressive set by Pete Hickok, remarkable costume design by Linda Muggeridge, and is well worth crashing into Sacred Fools for an evening of comedy and pulp intrigue.

--Matt Ritchey
Ⓒ 2019 Gia On the Move

Gia On the Move (RECOMMENDED)


Born of Sacred Fools' "Serial Killers," a weekly event where five different episodic shows compete and are voted on by the audience to continue, this format has served as an incubator for Sacred Fools spawning multiple full length productions including this show.

First and foremost, let us start with what the show is. An outrageous, farcical out of this world adventure that exemplifies physical comedy and timing.

It pays homage and draws inspirations from such classics as, Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians, Clue, James Bond films, and The Most Dangerous Game.

If you are not a fan of ostentatious, cheesy and anachronistic entertainment, then this show might not be for you. Lucky for me, this was right up my ally.

The story begins in an airport where a plane sits for takeoff to beautiful sunny Curacao. World-famous movie star Mark Timmons (Jahmone Duhaney) is on his way to the next leg of the press tour for his brand new Hollywood blockbuster. He is accompanied by his wife Lydia Timmons (Anahi Bustillos) and "Twin Brother" Jacob Timmons (Ryan Coil) as well as Mark's new costar Millenial Youtube sensation Sienna Lordess (Kristyn Evelyn). The start of the show is filled with shenanigans brought to you by a supporting cast that expertly reminds you of the ridiculousness of each conversation. I could have watched the ensemble on the plane for the entire length of the show. Yet, this madness is broken by the foreshadowing appearance of the evilest of evil doers (eye patch and all), the mysteriously ill paralytic wife (crazy outfits and all), and a mad scientist bellhop (grungy red waistcoat and all).

Sound insane? It is. But, you do not want to miss the flight this show wants to take you on. Hilarious, fun, utterly ludicrous, while being a refreshing night of theatre brought to you by Sacred Fools.

You can always trust The Sacred Fools to present you with work of ingenious set design, construction, costuming, and tech. I would be remiss not to mention the ORIGINAL sound design and title song found above this very review.

--Mike Reyes
Ⓒ 2019 Mike Check

- Sacred Fools Company Member