AUDITIONS: Tangerine Sunset

by Peter Fluet
directed by JJ Mayes

MARCH 15 - APRIL 13, 2019
Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm, Sundays @ 7pm
Previews: Fri-Sat, March 8-9 @ 8pm

Rehearsals begin approx. January 20

Fri, Jan. 4, 6-10pm
Sat, Jan. 5, 11am-8:30pm
Sun, Jan. 6, 1-7:30pm

Broadwater Second Stage

6320 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038
- Directions -

Callback dates: Fri evening, Jan. 11 & Sat, Jan. 12, Noon-7pm

ABOUT THE SHOW: TANGERINE SUNSET tells the story of several unlucky souls who find themselves the involuntary guests of a palatial estate on a mysterious private island. These celebrities, billionaires, madmen, and innocents desperately try to survive the night with their lives and sanity intact. Somewhere in the dark intersection of murder, mayhem, and laughter lies the Tangerine Sunset.


All roles are open to all ethnicities. All roles except "Connie" are also open to all gender identities.

MARK/MIRANDA TIMMONS: Mid 30s. The world's greatest actor at the time that the Tangerine Sunset took place. A person known to completely immerse themselves in their roles. When not playing a character, they are upbeat and self-confident bordering on narcissistic and sociopathic. They are also very proud of their abilities to rap and do magic. (Rapping and magic skills not necessary.)

LYDIA/LINCOLN TIMMONS: Early 30s. The spouse of Mark/Miranda Timmons. A person trying to decide what they want with the rest of their life. Uneasy in staying in a marginalized but financially secure life with Mark/Miranda, or to pursue their desire of a being a writer, or an editor, or owning a small pickling business, or developing a further romantic relationship with Mark's twin Jacob/Jocelyn. They are a person who frowns when they smile and while having high ideals sometimes lacks the motivation to actually do the work to support the ideals.

JACOB/JOCELYN TIMMONS: Mid 30s. The twin of Mark/Miranda Timmons, who feels trapped in their famous sibling's shadow. They are in love with Lydia/Lincoln and passionate about making artisanal soda pops. They stay in their twin's orbit to be close to Lydia/Lincoln, and to occasionally benefit from Mark/Miranda's wealth, while still feeling morally superior. If Mark/Miranda is the most interesting person in a room, Jacob/Jocelyn tends to be the least interesting, not from lack of trying though. They want money as much as they want to be there to finally see their twin fail at something. (Performer playing Jacob/Jocelyn does not actually need to resemble the performer playing Mark/Miranda in any way.)

C.C.: Late 20s. A flight attendant that is working the charter flight taking the party to Curacao for the final leg of their press junket. C.C. is energetic, arresting, and wants to make sure Brenda/Brandon doesn't forget that they are equals on this flight.

SIENNA/SALAZAR LORDESS: Mid 20s. A YouTube star that is making the transition from internet sensation to major motion picture actor. They do silly voices and work hard to create the perception of a manic pixie dream girl/gamer bro. This hides the fact that they are very PR and optics savvy. A crafty manipulator who believes a relationship with Mark/Miranda Timmons could be a valuable stepping-stone in their career.

BRENDA/BRANDON: Early 30s. A flight attendant. A person who is professional and highly competent with passengers but has a way letting their love life take up almost all their focus. They have just recently had a fling with Shep/Shannon the pilot and hope to nurture this relationship further. Brenda/Brandon needs C.C. to get off their damn high horse and do their job.

SHEP/SHANNON HALPERT: Early 40s. A pilot, and parent to Connie, a teenage daughter from their first marriage. A person with anger management problems, that loves and protects their daughter fiercely. They just want to get the flight over with and have no patience for fools.

CONNIE HALPERT: 16-17 years old. Shep's daughter. She is a standard teenage girl who is embarrassed by her Dad and would prefer not to be hanging out with him. She is a huge fan of Mark/Miranda Timmons and would do anything to get closer to them.

CASPER/CASSANDRA LENZ: Early 50s. The owner of the Tangerine Sunset and the private hidden island on which it is located. A person who has worked for the CIA, KGB, Mossad after being a mercenary. They run a shadowy criminal organization from the Tangerine Sunset dividing their workload between illegal arms dealing, human trafficking, drug trafficking and playing country against country in a chess match where they hope to be the only winner. They love spending time with their spouse Moira/Malcolm and will do anything and everything to give them what they want. While competent in influencing world events Casper/Cassandra is horrible at common everyday interactions and pleasantries.

MOIRA/MALCOLM LENZ: Mid to late 20s: Spouse of Casper/Cassandra. A person who has spent most of their life as a recluse due to a rare medical condition called Medusal Stone-a-bifida, a condition that is turning them into a living statue. A mad person with no moral compass or empathy save for the obsessive love they have for Casper/Cassandra.

DAWNIEL/MEL-LYSSA: Mid-30s. A mad scientist and indentured servant to the Lenzes. They dream of the day the Lenzes will finally release them from servitude and allow the time to further commit morally dubious science in peace. They are a huge fan of Sienna/Salazar Lordess.

DAVE/DAVINA TOONEY: The person is a f#@%ing hurricane.


Prepare a 1-2 minute monologue to be performed 2 ways: the way it was intended and then the reverse (comedic then dramatic or vice versa)


ABOUT SUBMISSIONS: Sacred Fools Theater Company is deeply committed to building a creative and dynamic theatre community that celebrates individuality and diversity and treats everyone with fairness and respect. We are committed to parity at all levels: on our stage, in our audience and within our leadership. We DO NOT cast exclusively from within the company and we welcome diversity in our submissions.


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* Choose three slots from the grid below.

* EMail your choices and your contact info - including your phone number - to . (If you are not a company member but were referred to this page, you must include a link to your website or casting database profile [or pic and resume] and a note indicating how you heard about us!)

* You will be contacted via EMail or phone to confirm your slot.



FOR COMPANY MEMBERS (excepting Associates): You are strongly encouraged to attend first call. If you are unable to attend any of the initial audition times due to scheduling conflicts, you may request to proceed directly to callbacks if you notify the producers by no later than Monday, December 31 (but please make your request ASAP).

Choose three available slots from the grid below.

  Friday, Jan. 4
6:00pm Jennifer Dezell
Julienne Taylor Green
6:10pm Banyah Maria Choi
Jahmone Duhaney
6:20pm Maryann Dipietro
Kai Cameron
6:30pm Zack Carter
Olivia Cordell
6:40pm Josh Reiter
Adam Langsam
6:50pm Zander Schaus
Erin Lann
7:00pm Andrea Gwynnel
7:10pm Marian Gonzalez
Juan Sanchez
7:20pm Ariana Anderson
7:30pm Chelsea London Lloyd
Paul Parducci
7:40pm Anne Hollister
Bryan Daniel Porter
7:50pm Alexandra Ruth Wright
Bryan Eid
8:00pm Lemon Baardsen
Ronald Auguste
8:10pm Liesel Kopp
Shan Moreno
8:20pm BREAK
8:30pm Shoshanna Green
8:40pm Christopher Callen
Beth Fraser
8:50pm Lauren Elizabeth Faulkner
Benjamin P. White
9:00pm Charles Byrd
Polina Matveeva
9:10pm Tomoko Karina
Phillip William Prendergast
9:20pm Vicki Pearlman
Gabriel Croom
9:30pm Dayeanne Hutton
Tony DeCarlo
9:40pm Krista Conti
Jamie Hughes
9:50pm Cosima Cabrera
Katie Anne Rich
10:00pm Brick Patrick
Anahi Bustillos
  Saturday, Jan. 5
11:00am Oscar Ramirez
Mark Sande
11:10am Dana DeRuyck
Thomas W. Ashworth
11:20am Kalina Kitten McCreery
John J. Pistone
11:30am Craig Tsuyumine
Sean Faye
11:40am Kate O'Toole
Naina Michaud
11:50am Kevin K Brown
Ryan Lisman
12:00pm Daniel Cohen
Jason Caceres
12:10pm Joshua Loren
Heather Roberts
12:20pm Christopher Franciosa
Page Ridgeway
12:30pm Maryfrances Careccia
KiDane Kelati
12:40pm Steve Apostolina
Carly Reeves
12:50pm Kristyn Evelyn
Jeffrey Nichols
Crystal Porter Bazemore
1:10pm Roxanne Rocky Bonifield
Catherine Grady
1:20pm Kate Surinskaya
Christine Hassay
1:30pm Vanessa Lauren Gamble
Peter Endrigian
1:40pm Caroline Whitney Smith
Kenneth Breese
1:50pm Camille Lucie Wormser
Ruben Uy
2:00pm Sara Rebecca Ball
Chriselle Almeida
2-3pm BREAK
3:00pm Madeline Fair
Glenda Suggs
3:10pm Cole Cook
Nicci Claspell
3:20pm Christopher Robert Smith
Carli Wright
3:30pm Corinne Chooey
Victoria Scaramucci
3:40pm Christopher Khai
Ryan Taylor
3:50pm Alex Parker
Jaime Lyn Beatty
4:00pm Paul Walling
Mandi Bossard
4:10pm Zach Pappas
Dana Shaw
4:20pm Saige Ophelia Spinney
Daniel Kaemon
4:30pm Steve Izant
Terrance C. Washington
4:40pm Bree Mignano
India Janai Jackson
4:50pm Cynthia Zitter
Lana Rae Jarvis
5:00pm John Bubniak
Jaimyon Parker
5:10pm Lea Madda
Marti Hale
5:20pm Lanie Lim
Chelsea Gill
5:30pm Sarah Rose Glassman
Travis York
5:40pm Susan Damante
Steve Wollenberg
5:50pm Christopher Robert Smith
Allison Reeves
6:00pm Shawnee Pearl Badger
Rori Flynn
6:10pm Caron Strong
Kamarra Chamberlain
6:20pm Brad Light
Julia Stier
6:30pm Naomi Prentice
Carly Cylinder
6:40pm Jon Hoffman
Eugenia Kuzmina
6:50pm Hayes Beyersdorfer
Ron Kologie
7:00pm Janet Song
Mandy Schneider
Dale Sandlin
7:20pm Tiera Dashae
Julie Romano
7:30pm Ren Harris
Bree Irvin
7:40pm Eric Michael Feltes
Zari Alisha Rose
7:50pm Symphony Canady
Bethany Koulias
8:00pm Marguerite French
Sarah Henesey
8:10pm Tony Palmer
Antonia Karlotta Czinger
8:20pm Sonny James Lyra
Caitlin Marianna Davis
8:30pm Spencer Mathis
  Sunday, Jan. 6
1:00pm Jamie Pierce
Mary Elizabeth Boylan
1:10pm Schoen Hodges
Nick Waaland
1:20pm Katie Franqueira
Haeleigh Royall
1:30pm Talia Rose Goodman
Kacey Taylor
1:40pm Rocki DuCharme
Kevin Andrew Grady
1:50pm Keren Cetoute
Nina Cavalcanti
2:00pm Carolina Bonetti
Heather Klinke
2:10pm Alexandra Hoover
Marisa Van Den Borre
2:20pm Kevin Steinberg
Stephanie Lehane
2:30pm David Alan Madrick
Christina Gaigos
2:40pm Kim Dalton
Katie Schwartz
2:50pm TJ O'Brien
Luna Racy
3:00pm Jinny Ryann
Greg Maness
3:10pm Matt McGee
Andrew Pish
3:20pm Caitlin Serros
Brenna Larsen
3:30pm Jacqueline Misaye
Carolyn Crotty
3:40pm Victoria Bullock
Doreen Calderon
3:50pm Richard Abraham
Therese Olson
4:00pm Riley Scott
4-5pm BREAK
5:00pm Ben Brown
Patrick Mulderrig
5:10pm Eugenia Kuzmina
Hayley Elizabeth Dixon
5:20pm Brandy Eaves
Lindsay Elizabeth Sawyer
5:30pm Riley Scott
Kelci Loring
5:40pm Corey Walter Johnson
Marshall McCabe
5:50pm Jordan Lane Shappell
Deepti Gupta
6:00pm Jane Macfie
Travis Lincoln Cox
6:10pm Whitney Morgan Cox
Lauren Jean Lee
6:20pm Adam Foster Ballard
Camilla Werner-Longo
6:30pm Alaya Lee Walton
Roberto Thomas Williams
6:40pm John McGlothlin
Emelia Benoit-Lavelle
6:50pm Ben Kawaller
Hayley O'Connor
7:00pm Glenda Suggs
Vicki Pearlman
7:10pm Banyah Maria Choi
Sarah Henesey
7:20pm Carly Cylinder
Megan Cournoyer
7:30pm Kirsten Kollender
Steven Schub