by Bob DeRosa
directed by Rebecca Larsen
produced for Sacred Fools by Bruno Oliver

JANUARY 24 - FEBRUARY 29, 2020
Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm
Occasional Sundays & one Monday (dates & times TBD)
Possible extension through March 14, 2020

Rehearsals begin approx. November 13

Performance Venue: The Broadwater Black Box, 6322 Santa Monica Blvd.

Saturday, Nov. 2, 11am-5:30pm
Sunday, Nov. 3, 11am-8pm
Monday, Nov. 4, 6-10:30pm

Sat-Sun: Broadwater Black Box

6322 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038
Mon: Broadwater Main Stage
1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038
- Directions -

Sat: Broadwater Black Box

6322 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038
Sun: Broadwater Main Stage
1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038
- Directions -

Callback dates: Sat-Sun, Nov. 9-10

ABOUT THE SHOW: WORLD PREMIERE! Ashlyn can look at any couple and know their romantic fate, but cannot "see" the same for herself. After spending years wandering without a sense of purpose, she returns home and builds a makeshift family with her best friend, an intriguing new boyfriend, and a support group of similarly gifted individuals. But when her gift shatters her new life, Ashlyn must fight the urge to keep running and finally learn how to live with her gift. Enter a world of love and longing, humor and heartbreak, with a touch of magical realism. There is nothing to fear in this world, because we are all gifted.


All roles are open to any ethnicity. Movement background a plus. Except for ASHLYN, all cast members will participate in ensemble roles.

ASHLYN: female, 23-28. Complicated. Compassionate. Older than her years. Guarded yet hopeful. Maybe a few tattoos? Sees her unique gift (the ability to look at any couple and know their romantic fate, but not her own) as a curse. Has spent far too long running from her pain. She invites empathy as she longs for family and someplace to call home. She appears in every scene.

RANDY: male, 28-33. Ashlyn's love interest. Tall, good-humored, genuine, a little gawky. Supportive and romantic. Truly decent. Really enjoys his work as a nature guide. In no rush to "get on with his life," whatever that means. Movement background a plus.

MATT: male, 23-28. Ashlyn's best friend since high school. Loyal to a fault, he always has her back. Charming, playful, impatient. He's looking for "the one." Movement background a plus.

LISA: female, 23-28. A server who knows what her customers want and need. Feels stuck at her job. Sharp-witted, droll, grounded. A good friend, once she lets you in. Movement background a plus.

MARLA: female, 40-65. Hosts a social meet-up for gifted people. Nurturing, wise, ethereal. She is hiding from the mistakes of her past. Movement background a plus.

CHARLOTTE: female, 40-65. Boisterous, quick-tempered, life of the party, loves her wine. She covers for her heartbreaking gift with a "devil-may-care" attitude. Movement background a plus.

THE BARTENDER: male, 40-65. Easygoing, curious, and kind. He has a secret and plays an important part in Ashlyn's story. This actor will also play GARY: Charlotte's husband, also gifted. Smart, bookish, longs for a dream that seems very far out of reach. This track requires an actor with versatility. Movement background a plus.

BETH: female, 28-33. Randy's ex-girlfriend. Sweet, open-hearted, confident. As a rival for Randy's affections, we might want to hate her but we can't because she's too endearing. This actress also plays several important ensemble roles, and requires versatility. Strong movement or Dance background important for this track.

SEAN: male, 30's. Knows the results of any coin-toss. Uses his gift for low-stakes grifting. Confident, sexy, and sly, but doesn't want to hurt anyone. Having never met another gifted person, he's inherently alone. This actor also plays several ensemble roles. Strong Movement or Dance background important for this track.


Please prepare the sides for the role you'd like to audition for. Please bring a headshot and resume, and arrive about 10 minutes prior to your audition time to complete the talent conflict/questionnaire form. Thank you!

Callback sides will be provided here after initial auditions; you'll be notified as to whom you are called back for.

ABOUT SUBMISSIONS: Sacred Fools Theater Company is deeply committed to building a creative and dynamic theatre community that celebrates individuality and diversity and treats everyone with fairness and respect. We are committed to parity at all levels: on our stage, in our audience and within our leadership. We DO NOT cast exclusively from within the company and we welcome diversity in our submissions.


Minnie & Anna


Ashlyn & Randy 1
Ashlyn & Randy 2
Becca (read by Beth)
Charlotte & Marla
Gary (read by Bartender)
Lisa, Matt & Ashlyn
Marla & Ashlyn
Matt & Ashlyn
Sean & Ashlyn
Bartender & Ashlyn
Thomas (read by Sean)


If you are auditioning for ASHLYN, please choose one set of sides to prep fully, but be FAMILIAR with BOTH.

Ashlyn 1
Ashlyn 2



* Choose three slots from the grid below.

* EMail your choices and your contact info - including your phone number - to . If you are not a company member but were referred to this page, PLEASE SUBMIT via ACTORS ACCESS (even if you are an Associate Member, please), and include a note as to whom referred you.

* You will be contacted via EMail or CMail to confirm your slot.


FOR COMPANY MEMBERS (excepting Associates): You are strongly encouraged to attend first call. If you are unable to attend any of the initial audition times due to scheduling conflicts, you may request to proceed directly to callbacks if you notify the producers by no later than Thursday, October 31st (but please make your request ASAP).

Choose three available slots from the grid below.

  Saturday, November 2
11:00am Dana DeRuyck
Arianne Villareal
11:10am Skip Pipo
Andrew Christopher
11:20am Julie Ann Earls
Katie McLoughlin
11:30am Lemon Baardsen
Corinne Chooey
11:40am Nancy Ma
Naina Michaud
11:50am Kyle Buttenhoff
Rocki DuCharme
12:00pm Brendan Broms
Jaimyon Parker
12:10pm Holly Hawkins
Kristen Renee Lucas
12:20pm Efe
Jennifer Lee Laks
12:30pm Demetris Hartman
Alessandra Manon
12:40pm David Meyers
John Haegele
12:50pm Kim Dalton
1:00pm BREAK
1:10pm Emma Pasarow
Thomas S. Schofield
1:20pm Christopher Smith
John E. Phillips
1:30pm Blake Young-Fountain
Graham Selden
1:40pm Kevin Andrew Grady
Carson Rapsilver
1:50pm Christian Telesmar
Chris O'Brien
2:00pm David Preston 
Harry Fowler
2:10pm Matt McGee
Steven C. Fisher
2:20pm  Edward Hong
Sabastian John Neudeck
2:30-3:30pm LUNCH
3:30pm Libby Baker
Erin Coker
3:40pm Lisa Anne Nicolai
Lauren Campadelli
3:50pm Saige Thompson
Brian Knoebel
4:00pm JoAnn Mendelsohn
Jeanne Taylor
4:10pm Shirley Dalmas
Suzanne Turner
4:20pm Debbie Pollack
Heidi Mendez
4:30pm Tracey Ann-Marie Nelson
Jen Albert
4:40pm Michael Glenn Coleman
Karlie Blair
4:50pm Jonathan Medina
Paul Turbiak
5:00pm Brenda Varda
Joseph Gilbert
5:10pm Corey Klemow
Jennings Rice
5:20pm Travis Snyder-Eaton
Cynthia San Luis
  Sunday, November 3
11:00am Glenda Suggs
Lisa Madda
11:10am Jennifer Christina DeRosa
Caryn West
11:20am Allison Blaize
Diane Kelber
11:30am Adriohn Richardson
Zoey Grayce
11:40am Nick Apostolina
Dan Kerrigan
11:50am Christina Hélène Braa
Shauntee Usual
12:00pm Marcy Willis
Erika Godwin
12:10pm Susan Solomon
Zach Solomon
12:20pm Chris Doubeck
Jim Shipley
12:30pm Josette Canilao
Christopher Illing
12:40pm BREAK
12:50pm Cameron Jay Ley
Patrick Steven Toth
1:00pm Joni Bonvil
Ethan Flower
1:10pm Kristian Maxwell-McGeever
Evie Abat
1:20pm Whitney Montgomery
Audrey Flegel
1:30pm Rebecca Elizabeth Boroughs
Chelsea Spirito
1:40pm Perry Pang
Christen Celaya
1:50pm Leslie Lank
Shannon Hollander
2:00pm Sydney Ashe
Page Ridgeway
2:10pm Julie Romano
Gaia Passaler
2:20pm Kacie Rogers
Neda Lahhidji
2:30pm Vince Tula
Eden Ren
2:40pm Michael Flood
Kevin Masterson
Amir Levi
2:50-3:50pm LUNCH
3:50pm Taylor Marr
Jon Sprik
4:00pm Lana Rae Jarvis
Michael St. Germain
4:10pm Reesa Marie Ishiyama
Leslie Stevens
4:20pm Jodi Moore Lewis
Anja Akstin
4:30pm Godfrey Flax
Tomorrow Shea
4:40pm Vincent Van Santvoord
Effie Specne
4:50pm Brock Birckner
Danielle Power
5:00pm Samantha Coppola
Cosima Cabrera
5:10pm Melina Bartzokis
Victoria Hoffmann
5:20pm Houston Rhines
Zachary Iziah Smith
5:30pm Heather Marie Roberts
Adiline McKeithan
5:40pm Donna Allen
Sharon Zhang
5:50pm Chris Ciccarelli
Kelley Pierre
6:00pm Monnie Aleahmad
Clayton Stockton Myers
6:10pm Madeleine Heil
Marc Forget
6:20pm Sierra Fisk
Stephanie Ann Schulz
6:30pm Lorey Hayes
Patty Sherman
6:40pm Natalie B. Wetta
Sydney Hawes
6:50pm Kelly Rook Daly
Christine Cabana
7:00pm Andrew Trainor
Susan Giosa
7:10pm Caitlin Carleton
Renee Foresman
7:20pm Sam Sheeks
Paige Sullivan
7:30pm Josh Reiter
Alex Parker
7:40pm Jan R. Hastings
Chloe Haven
7:50pm Ron Lipski
Ellie Bensinger
  Monday, November 4
6:00pm Marc Antonio Pritchett
Alex Alcheh
6:10pm Alex Dabestani
Thomas LeBow
6:20pm Aleisha Force
Colbert Alembert
6:30pm Jeanne Lau
Lisa Clifton
6:40pm Lysa Myles
Madeleine Hernandez
6:50pm Thomas Daniel Smith
Bree Pavey
7:00pm Holland Bailey
Connor Wilkins
7:10pm Zack Radvansky
Jacob Barnes
7:20pm Alexandra Vita DeMaio
Heather Marie Roberts
7:30pm Elizabeth Evans Conway
Cameron Quinn
7:40pm Lynn Odell
Reka Lukacs
7:50pm Jason Jin
Benedikt Sebastian
8:00pm Dan Wingard
Shea Brockway
8:10pm Kevin Kaddi
Ron Morehouse
8:20pm Carrie Madsen
Jessie Bias
8:30pm Tim Powell
Steve Brewster
8:40pm Kimberley Shoniker
Ephraim Lopez
8:50pm Crystal Porter Bazemore
Delaney Smeal
9:00pm Danny Smalls
Whitton Frank
9:10pm Joshua Dov
Mark Stancato
9:20pm Constantine Jack Trakas
Diedra Edwards
9:30pm Heather Klinke
Carene Rose Mekertichyan
9:40pm Paul Walling
Bridget Murray
9:50pm Nick Fawwaz
Garrett Botts
10:00pm Benedict Carr
Ashley Felkner
10:10pm Sumeet Dang
Jonathan David Harris
10:20pm Julia Sanford
Tierney Malloy
10:30pm Andrew Ge
Ren Montoro