The Swine Show

May 14 - June 20, 1998

A documentary for the stage, The Swine Show chronicles the life of the legendary Swine, a man who could live on beer and cigarettes alone. He was perhaps the biggest star ever seen at the box office and on television, and this is his story.  From his humble beginnings with the Chicken Brothers Sideshow on Wheels through his training at the Upper Lip Performance Academy (ULPA), his years of indentured servitude with the fabulously wealthy Mrs. Gouge, his subsequent rise to stardom followed by his tragic fall followed by his inspiring redemption, Swine consistently bent over backwards just to entertain. This is his story. But we've already said that.
M.E. Dunn - Momma, MC, Barnyard Host,
Guardian Angel, Gladiator Host, Game Show Host, Fluffy Gallegos
Andrew Friedman - Corbin Purvis, Goat, Jimmy Load, Villain,
Sheriff of Nottingham, Elliot Garibaldi, The President of the
United States, Jodpurs
Jonathan Goldstein - Lumpy Strutts, Netley Hamstring,
Barker, Pitt Yodel, Stubby Scarborough. Heaves the Butler,
Webbs Baxter, Kiki the Pirate
Jenifer Hamel - Diane Fester, Mrs Gouge, Talk Show Host#4,
Inga Schmegman, Doomhilda
Piper Henry - Ruth Pickenpacker, Mannequin Jade,
Darcy Carrots, Jessica Jessica, Candy Innuendo
David Holcomb - Swine
Sharon MacMenamin - Tammy Cornstalk, Little Swinetta,
Loud Date, Talk Show Host #1, Beret Girl, Tabloid Host,
Early Parole, Game Show Contestant, Nurse
Gerald McClanahan - Narrator
Alexandria Sage - Dr Jane, Bully Date, Talk Show Host #2,
Congressiona1 Speaker, Buttons McShamus, Lothar
Quinn Sullivan - Swine's Sister, Newscaster, Talk Show Host #3,
Mystery Woman, Mistress Gravy, Alma Rickets, Cartoon Parent
Danielle Surrette - Rusty Nail, Chantal Attache,
Sappy Love Interest, Mannequin Auto Guy, Aussie Love Interest,
Vickie Tremble

Produced for Sacred Fools by Martin Yu
Written by Paul Plunkett
Directed by John Sylvain
Stage Manager - Cassandra McCarthy
Costume Design - M.E. Dunn
Set Design - M.E. Dunn, John Sylvain,
David Holcomb & David Moore
Painting - Jay Hank, Aldrich Allen,
Mark Lifrieri
Set Construction - Mark Lifrieri,
Mark Auerbach, John Sylvain
Lighting Design - Lauren Hollingsworth
Master Electrician - Babe Hack
Lighting Crew - Steve Smith
Fight Coordinator - Alexander Stephano
Audio/Video Operator - Aldrich Allen
Light Board Operator - Cassandra McCarthy
Sound Editor - David Rodwin
Swine Logo Designed by Jennifer Shainin
Swine Logo Animation - Jyoteen Majmudar, Jennifer Shainin
Film Clips Director - John Sylvain
Film Clips Editor - Alan Reynolds
"Broads Ahoy" & "Spats Unchained"
Music by David Rodwin  / Lyrics by Paul Plunkett


M.E. Dunn & David Holcomb

Jonathan Goldstein, Jenifer Hamel
& David Holcomb