SACRED FOOLS | Photos From 360 - A Sacred Fools Fundraiser - July 12, 2003

Photos from the first 360!
Saturday, July 12, 2003
Photos by Haven Hartman & Tom Kiesche
Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions.

Foolish Founder
John Sylvain

Storyteller Peter Coca

Merry Mary Hayes
and her helium hat

Awesome auctioneer Ben Livingston!

Conor Duffy IS Hamlet, Prince of Denmark!
And... um... Crab IS Ophelia.  I guess. 

More Crabbiness.

Michael Rayner wows the crowd.

Kronis & Alger - wowed by Michael Rayner.


WOW!  (That's a wheelbarrow...)

Mark McClain Wilson in Big Eyes.

Rachel Wolfe, MMW
& Melissa Roddy in
Big Eyes.

Tom Chalmers & Phil Wofford in a preview of Tabloid Frenzy!

The music of "Fanny Grace."

Fashion models Julie Mullen & Amir Talai

Tom & Meredith, exhausted but happy producers.

Shirley Anderson, hosting her heart out.

D.J. Subtle keeps the sounds flowin'.

The downbeat ditties of I.C.U. (Carla Jo & Luis)

Brenda Varda,
sultry singer

A scene from
Don Juan in Chicago.

Mike Lanahan, Amir Talai & Shelley Wenk are
Building a Better Bomb... in the Basement!

More Bomb, now
with Marty Yu™!

Rockin' with Throttle Back Sparky!

I don't know what
this is a picture of.

I don't want to
know what this is
a picture of.
More Michael Rayner

More music with The Tim Russ Band

Julie Lockhart in Cirque Picnique's "Olive Cross."

Stephanie & Phil. 
Yes, they're married.

Victor does what
Victor does best.

Happy, happy, happy crowds.

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