SACRED FOOLS | 360x2 - Auction & Raffle Items

(Subject to change)

Remember, our bid prices start MUCH lower than the value
of these prizes... so you could get some real bargains!


Two Chauffered Cadillac Convertible rides (Value $150/ea)

Be driven in style to a party, event, or just to the movies in a 1964 Cadillac convertible.  Up to four passengers can fit with the top down, and company member Lou Burnstein will be at your disposal for 4 full hours.

Lou Burnstein Handyman Services - 4 Hours, 25 Yrs Exp (Value $200)

Lou Burstein is our resident fix-it guy at Sacred Fools. He can fix your toilet, your vacuum, your kitchen cabinets, your roof, your whatever. He’s the dude who fixes things. He’s donating up to four hours of his service, which is a $200 value.

Handcrafted Earrings from Junebug Beads (Value $75)

Sacred Fool Julie Alexander designs these pretty pieces of jewelry.  Each item is stitched entirely by hand using the highest quality materials available (i.e., premium Japanese seed beads of glass or precious metals, cultured pearls, semi-precious beads, premium beading thread, 14K gold or sterling findings).

Mary Kay stuff (Value $25/each basket)

Gift baskets of bath items and cosmetics from Mary Kay. Get your bath and body care on.

Taix Restaurant coupon (Value $50)

Taix is an LA landmark and serves unbelievably delicious French cuisine.

Disney CDs and Winnie the Pooh nesting dolls

A bunch of great Disney CDs for the kids, plus Winnie the Pooh Russian-style nesting dolls.

2 $25 Toys R US Gift Cards

Go shopping at Toys R Us! Christmas will be upon us soon, so get this gift card at a discount thrill the kids in your life. 2 gift cards worth $25 each, but you could get them cheaper through the magic of auctioneering.

$50 Home Depot Gift Card

Go get some hardware! We’re auctioning off all these gift cards starting at a price lower than the value, so you could get a big discount on your next trip to Home Depot.

$50 Gap Gift Card

Hooray for the Gap.  Sure, we SAY we shop at trendier places, but really, we all shop at the Gap.  Get your $50 worth of Gap clothing for Fall and Winter.  We start the bidding low, so if there’s a sale, this means you could be buying a lot of tee shirts and jeans.

"Babies Against Bush" tees (Value $20/ea)

Get political with your baby clothes. These cute little onesies say, “Babies Against Bush.”  Courtesy of FiFi Laroux.

The Cinnamon Bear: A Kids' Christmas Story on CD (Value $19.95)

Cute story for kids to listen to, from the golden age of radio.  Great for car trips!

Babysitting Services (Value $100)

Experienced baby sitter and nanny Sarah McKinley Oakes will come and watch your children (up to two kids for five hours) while you go out on the town.

Lots of DVDs! (Value $50/ea)

Many, many DVDs and DVD sets will be up for auction throughout the night; this batch includes The Marx Bros. Collection (including A Night in Casablanca, A Night at the Opera, A Day at the Races, Room Service, At the Circus, Go West and The Big Store) and NFL: Complete History of the New York Giants / Philadelphia Eagles / Raiders!

The Best of Old Time Radio on cassette (Value $19.95/ea)

Are these tapes worth a mere $19.95 each, or are they priceless collections of classic radio?  You decide.

"The Best of Old Time Radio" includes:
Comedy: Amos 'n' Andy, Fibber McGee & Molly, Jack Benny and Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy
Thrillers: Inner Sanctum, Suspense, The Whistler, Escape and Quiet, Please
Detectives: Sam Spade, Boston Blackie and Johnny Dollar

"The Best of the Thrillers" includes:
Beyond Midnight, Mysterious Traveler, Murder at Midnight, Black Mass, Lights Out, Halls of Fantasy and The Creaking Door, as well as more episodes of Inner Sanctum, Suspense, The Whistler, Escape and Quiet, Please

The Cinnamon Bear
includes several episodes of this classic children's series.


BackStage West Subscription (Value $85)

A one year subscription to Backstage West magazine!

Blake Gardner headshot photo session (Value $400)

Blake Gardner’s digital photography will capture your essence in a headshot that will stand out in a crowd.  Walk out of this relaxed 3-4 hour session with both black and white and color images on a CD.  Fools who’ve shot pictures with Blake say he’s the best.  His color shots are beautiful and get actors work. A $400 value... at least.

Dallas Seaons I and II on DVD - Signed by the cast!  (Value - ??)

That’s right.  We know the Dallas cast, and they signed some DVDs for us.  These must be worth a lot.  Maybe $50?  Maybe $100?  Who knows? 

Original Monologue by playwright Padraic Duffy

Padraic Duffy - author of Sacred Fools productions Feet, The Mechanical Rabbit and Tell the bees., and one of our current co-Artistic Directors - will reach deep within the crevices of his messed up mind and write some theater for you to perform when and wherever you please.  An absolutely priceless item.  Who can say how much this will be worth when Padraic’s infamy expands across the nation?

NOW Casting package (Value $290)

Your online profile at will have a direct address and in addition to your resume and stats will hold up to six pictures, streaming Demo Reel, Audio Reel and "Resume Clips" (scenes pulled from the reel and linked directly to the credit on your resume).  You also get access to the NowCasting Notices where you can submit your profile instantly.  You ALSO get access to the Searchable CD Database, downloadable CD guide, "Labels On Demand" (agency and CD labels that you select and print), online networking e-list and more.

"Patrick Duffy" Scotch

A numbered, limited edition scotch.

South Park "Scuzzlebutt" Animation Cel signed on the leg by Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy himself signed this animation cel of the South Park character he is a part of!

Singing lessons from Steven Memel (Value $200)

Steven Memel creates a program for your individual voice and vocal needs.  With 20 years of experience as an internationally recognized vocal coach, he has helped some of the most talented people in the business develop their singing voices.  Your winning bid gets you one introductory session plus an hour lesson.

Reel Editing by Ben Rock (Value $200)

Ben Rock is a professional director who has gotten rave reviews as a reel editor for Sacred Fools members.  He will spend up to four hours with you editing your clips into something you can present to agents and managers.

Commercial acting coaching (Value $130)

Fawnda McMahon teaches up to date audition methods that will help you book jobs. A huge percentage of her students book jobs and get agents. What’s stopping you from getting jobs? Referred by top casting directors and agents.

Casting Q's and Self Management for Actors (Value $50 - $25/ea)

Casting Director Bonnie Gillespie was a writer for Backstage West.  In Casting Q's, she interviews CD's about their pet peeves.  Self Management for Actors is an invaluable tool for those looking to enhance their careers on their own.

500 Postcards (Value $80)

If you need to send out publicity, get postcards made by PaperChase Printing.

Six months Showfax/Actors Access gift certificates, plus mailing labels & CD Directory

Get access to sides online via Showfax, plus labels with casting director addresses - the most up-to-date labels in the business, as Showfax is a division of Breakdown Services (you know, the casting information that's on every agent's desk each morning?)  Listing your headshot and resume Actors Access allows you and/or your representation to submit online to films, television shows, theater, print jobs and more!


X-Box videogame system & Deus Ex 2 game (Value $290)

Fools member Frank Stasio has donated his Box.  His X-Box, that is.  At the time of auction, the X-Box will be only about 8 months old.  It comes with one controller, one memory card and the game “Deus Ex 2.”

Fahrenheit 451 Hardbound Copy signed by Ray Bradbury

Classic work of fiction by one of the world's best sci-fi writers, signed by the author himself!

Talking Bush doll & Dubya 2004 poster signed by the cast (Value $40)

Get a talking W doll along with a poster signed by the cast of our hit mainstage show, Dubya 2004.

Mosaic Frames (Value $100)

Company member Lisa Anne Nicolai will construct a handmade mosaic custom frame for you.  They're beautiful and original.

The "Dickie Doll" from Dubya 2004

This is an original Dick Cheney doll from our hit show Dubya 2004.  Dubya's constant companion and advisor.  Sure to help lead us into a bidding war.

$50 Hard Rock Cafe Gift Certificate

Eat some fried stuff!  Look at guitars!  Check out tourists!

Justice League Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Giclée Print (Value $600)

Board member Phil LaMarr (the voice of Justice League's Green Lantern) brought us this art for geeks - a limited edition giclée print of the entire Justice League, signed by the series' creator.  #9 of 10!

Personalized Celebrity Answering Machine Message from Phil LaMarr

Sacred Fools board member Phil LaMarr will record a greeting on your answering machine, using the voice of Samurai Jack, the Green Lantern or Michael Jackson!

Firestone Winery and Brewery VIP wine tasting for four  (Value $200)

Wine tasting at the bachelor’s pad! Family vineyard of Andrew Firestone, ABC’s latest BACHELOR, Firestone Winery is located on Zaca Station Road in the heart of Santa Barbara’s wine country.  Spend a mellow afternoon relaxing in the lovely Santa Ynez Valley tasting delectable vintages as VIP guests.  Tour and taste at both wineries and the brewery then exercise your VIP discount to stock up on your favorites!

One night El Capitan Canyon Creekside Cabin vacation (Value $225)

El Capitan Canyon is perfect for a romantic weekend for two or a family outing.  Right outside Santa Barbara, you can do a little cooking over a fire and then relax inside your Creekside Cabin.  Take a walk down to the beach along beautiful trails covered in wildflowers, or visit the local llama farm.  Fool Julie Mullen says, “This place is great for a trip with your boyfriend.”  And Board of Directors member David Baron says, “I took my family there and we loved it.”

Scrubs Script signed by the Cast & Writers
PLUS Everybody Loves Raymond cast photo signed by Ray Romano
PLUS an autographed photo of Vanna White & Pat Sajak

This is a cool package of stuff for TV lovers.  Or the folks at home.  Go ahead, lie and say you know all these people.

Even more DVDs! (Value $50/ea)

This batch includes The Horror Classics Collection (including The Mummy, The Curse of Frankenstein and more), Sex in the City Seasons 1-5, Caddyshack (20th Anniversary Edition), Prime Suspect 4 (starring Helen Mirren), Roger & Me, Dallas Seasons I & II and many more!


Pilates Classes from Beverly Hynds (Value $200/ea)

Beverly Hynds has a dance/theater background and has taught yoga and pilates. She is offering 2 packages of 3 private sessions each. Each package is worth $200.00.

Spiritual Healing session (Value $125)

Kate Rodgers has a deep reverence for her practice as an Energy Healer which stimulates transformation and revelation in those she works with on a very profound level.  In addition to her private practice, she regularly leads retreats, groups and Energy Circles.  She has studied intensely with leading shamans and healers from all over the world.  She is incredibly inspired by and draws upon the Native American tradition of Animal and Plant medicine, ancient Egyptian practices, Eastern philosophy, Sacred Geometry, earth and sky medicine, and mineral and crystal therapy.

Peace of Mind Music CDs (Value $45)

Relax and get peace of mind with this soothing set of three CDs of mellow music.

Wildlife painting print (Value $95)

Rob Mullen is an acclaimed wildlife artist who has generously donated one of his beautiful prints to Sacred Fools.  He truly captures the animals’ “personalities,” and seems to have an insight into their thoughts and feelings.

One Year YMCA gym membership (Value $580)

The Hollywood YMCA is simply the best gym in town.  It has beautiful facilities, a pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi, a great staff, and it’s jam packed with hip Hollywood people to watch.  

Two Personal Training Sessions with David Boiven (Value $40)

David Boiven will get you "tore up from the floor up."  Take a couple free sessions with him and you'll be hooked.  He's gotten some of our Fools into ridiculously hot and sexy shape!

Half-hour chair massage (Value $50)

Tanja Barnes will come to your home or office and work out the kinks in your back.  Try this massage out and you may be tempted to try her L.A. stone therapy, too.

Personal Training at Body Alive (Value $75)

A one-hour consultation at Body Alive with ACE Certified Personal Trainer Jules Bruff.  Face-to-face discussion of eating habits, exercise habits, and a plan to achieve your fitness goals.  You will leave with a clearer picture of your goals and a printout of your personal plan of attack.

Star Trek Bonanza!

We may auction these off separately or all together.  Keep your eye on the auctioneer, who may get to decide what works best!

Items include:

-a bunch of Star Trek books
-A double CD audiobook of “Star Trek: Captain’s Peril” read by Shatner
-a snap-together Klingon Battlecruiser model
-A Star Trek TNG Monopoly game
-A stuffed Tribble
-A 2005 Original Series wall calendar
-A bundle of PC Star Trek games
-“How to Speak Klingon” tapes
-original script of “Star Trek: Voyager Year 7” signed by Tim Russ
-autographed color photo of Tuvok
-autographed b/w photo of Seven of Nine
and more!


Day in a Recording Studio (Value $700)

1 Day (up to 12 hours) in a vintage Analog Recording Studio (New Monkey Studio in Van Nuys - Former studio of Dreamworks’ Recording Artist Elliott Smith)


Vintage Analog Recording Equipment for Tracking, Over Dubbing and Mixing.

Including a Trident A Range Console with an Ample Recording Room (for drums, guitars, bass, and Keys.)

New Monkey Studio has instruments in house including: vintage Ludwig drum kit, a Hammond B-3, amazing guitars, and assortment of vintage microphones.

Auction Prize does not include the cost of a Sound Engineer... (New Monkey can provide for you (at a reasonable rate), or if you chose to use an outside Engineer, you must arrange with New Monkey Studio (at a reasonable rate) to have them provide an assistant to supervise the equipment)

Also Does Not include cost of Analog Tape Used.

Studio opens after January 1, 2005

Good for six months after Jan 1st 2005

2 Tickets to We Will Rock You at Paris Las Vegas (Value $227)

Check out the new Vegas hit “We Will Rock You,” a rock musical by Queen and Ben Elton - featuring Sacred Fools company member Amir Talai.  You can’t miss this.

Anya "Buffy" Action Figure (Value $90)

All you action figure geeks, get ready to drool over this action figure of Anya (or Anyanka, if you prefer) from "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer"... dressed as a bunny.  It could be bunnies!  Floppy, hoppy bunnies!

2 Lava Lamps (Value $15)

Relive the 1970s, or just kill time while under the influence of... um... beer.  Yeah, that's right, beer.  Cooooooool, maaaaaaan... 

Tandem Skydive (Value $100)

One tandem sky dive for an adult (must be at least 18 years old and weigh 200 lbs. or less!) at Perris Skyventure.

2 Dodger Tickets (Value $20)

Two Reserve-Level tickets to a Los Angeles Dodgers home game during the 2005 regular season.

Horseback riding lessons at Silver Spur Stables (Value $100)

Experienced instructor Carla Jo Bailey works with beginning, intermediate and advanced riders at this Griffith Park stable.  Even if you’ve never been on a horse, Carla Jo can get you up and riding!  (Winners will need to sign a release form. And expires 90 days from October 23rd.)

(Subject to change)

1 Magic Castle VIP pass for 4 people (Value $60)

A pass to the legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood, where you and three friends can see the world's greatest magicians!

Admission for Two to Instant Films (Value $20)
Admission for Four to Instant Films (Value $40)

Instant Films participants make short films in 48 hours, and the results are always amazing.  Check out a night of Instant Films and take a date, or three of your friends.

Improv Olympic passes (Value $5-10/ea)

Ten free passes to shows at Improv Olympic, the Los Angeles branch of the classic Chicago troupe founded by the legendary Del Close.

Krispy Kreme gear

You could win some Krispy Kreme tee shirts or coupons for donuts.  Yummy!

3 Regal movie passes

Ticket redeemable at Regal, Edwards and United Artists Theaters for movie passes or concessions.

Bead necklace & earrings (Value $10)

Handmade bead necklace and earrings, courtesy of Julie Mullen & Ruth Silveira.

Bill of Rights Security Edition (Value $4/ea)

Fly with these metal versions of the Bill of Rights and watch as the Bill of Rights is taken right off your body and put into a waiting dish while you are patted down.

T-shirts Fit for a Terrorist (priceless handcrafted items)

Be “the bomb!” in a chic T from Crime Scene’s “Osama Your Mama!”  Shock and awe your neighbors while striding around town declaring “I’m with Infidel” and “My Other Shirt is a Bomb.”

Passes to see The Best Damn Sports Show, Period - plus a T-shirt (fun experience - who can put a price on that?)

See a taping of The Best Damn Sports Show, Period.  We don't know much about it, but apparently it's the best.

Yummy dry goods

Food!  That's right, you can win food.  Pasta salads, spice rubs, baking mixes, au gratin potatoes mix, taco seasonings... and more.

Little remote control cars

Classic board game Trivial Pursuit

Disney denim jacket & hat

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