Sacred Fools Theater Company is proud to participate in

by Suzan-Lori Parks


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In November 2002, the Pulitzer prize-winning Suzan-Lori Parks sat down and committed to writing a play a day for the next 365 days.  And she did.
Each week, a different theater company presents that week's seven plays, with the option of including some or all of three "constants" - a trio of plays open to infinite interpretation.
Sacred Fools will present all seven plays and three constants at 8pm that Saturday and Sunday.  Each play is only a few minutes long, so you can digest them easily before bedtime.

Free admission.
Free snacks.
Feel free.

note: the previously announced midnight performances have been cancelled

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"Saint Lazarus Points Out the Saints"
directed by Michael Franco
  with Bryan Krasner & Scott Leggett
directed by Douglas Clayton
  with Lynn Odell, William Robens & Terry Tocantins
"Work Expands to the Time Allotted To It"
directed by Joshua Moyse
sound design by Ezra Walker
  with Tiffany Carter, Tane Kawasaki,
  Lisa Anne Nicolai & Susan Song
"The History of Lucy on Her 103rd Birthday"
directed by Suzanne Karpinski
  with Michael Lanahan & Laura Napoli
directed by Corey Klemow
  with Ruth Silveira, Stephen Simon,
  Dan Wingard & John Wuchte
"The Clapper"
directed by Corey Klemow
  with Kimberly Atkinson, Bryan Krasner,
  David LM McIntyre & Philip Newby
"He Sleeps, Mostly"
directed by Amanda D'Angelo
  with Jon Monastero, Stephen Simon & Terry Tocantins
and the Three Constants:
"Action in Inaction"
directed by Jaime Robledo
  with Amanda D'Angelo
"Inaction in Action"
directed by Jaime Robledo
with Kimberly Atkinson
"Remember Who You Are"
directed by Aaron Francis
  with Amanda D'Angelo & Michael Lanahan

project coordinator
for Sacred Fools:
Joe Jordan

assisted by:
Tiffany Carter

lighting design:
Aaron Francis

sound design:
Tim Labor

national producers:
Suzan-Lori Parks
& Bonnie Metzgar

national coordinator:
David Myers

national archivist:
Rebecca Rugg

los angeles coordinator:
Laura Siegel
(Center Theatre Group)