After Orlando

produced by Sacred Fools Theater Company
in cooperation with Celebration Theatre
and Company of Angels
produced & directed by Amir Levi & Natalie Rose

Monday, December 5, 2016 @ 8pm

Tickets: $10
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AFTER ORLANDO is an international theatre action curated by Missing Bolts Productions and NoPassport Theatre Alliance & Press comprised of over 70 plays written in response to the tragic shooting at Pulse Nightclub, June 12, 2016.

Amir Levi of Sacred Fools selected 15 plays from the AFTER ORLANDO collection. Sacred Fools Theater Company in co-operation with Celebration and Company of Angels is producing these 15 selected works as a one-evening-only reading.

Out of generosity toward the cause these plays are currently available royalty free, allowing 100% of ticket sale income to be donated to the Pulse of Orlando Fund. Pulse of Orlando is a local, grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit created: to reach out with expeditious allocation of funds for the victims, survivors and families of the Pulse tragedy; to recover through local survivor navigation and advocacy; and to rebuild our united Orlando community.

If you are unable to afford the cost of the ticket please contact our box office. It is our goal to make this reading available to all who are interested; we appreciate your care for this cause.

Opportunity for additional contributions, for those interested in making a larger donation, will be available the evening of the reading.


Jaime Andrews , Kimberly Atkinson , Christine Avila , Kathy Bell Denton , Melinna Bobadilla, Felicia Brown, Parvesh Cheena, Corinne Chooey, Rafeal Clements, Patrick Cochran, Deborah S. Craig, Ivan Davila, Rukhmani K. Desai, Cristina Frias, Marian Gonzalez , Gregory Guy Gorden , Brad Griffith , Amir Levi , Cj Merriman , Rebecca Metz, Mandi Moss , Bree Pavey, Natalie Rose , Reshma Shetty, Tyee Tilghman, Silvia Tovar, David Tran, Matt Valle , Lauren Van Kurin & John Wuchte

The Plays

"The Sea: A Choral Poem" by Giovanni Ortega
"Sauce" by Sung Rno
"Rain" by Korde Tuttle
"Matted" by Georgina Escobar
"Gone Silent" by Jennifer Maisel
"At the Store with My Daughter" by Rohina Malik
"Before. Before. After." by Lisa Schlesinger
"He Comes Up Behind Me" by Garret Jon Groenveld
"These Wings Are Meant to Fly" by Zac Kline
"A Mental Remix" by Mando Alvarado
"Fun Fact" by Neil LaBute
"After" by Caridad Svich
"Here (three elegies for a gay club)" by Ryan Oliveira
"Sleep With Me: A Lullaby for Orlando" by Amina Henry
"Today is a Good Day" by Katie Pearl


Stage Manager - Rachel Manheimer
Production Coordinator & Research Assistant - Marian Gonzalez

- Sacred Fools Company Member

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At a Glance
Monday, Dec. 5 @ 8pm
Produced by
Amir Levi
Natalie Rose