FRIDAYS, APRIL 16 & 23 @ 11pm - $10
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are going to tell you some

totally true crazy-ass stories

about their

man dates.

Like, you will think they are making them up.
But they are not.  Seriously.

What began as stories over wine and cocktails and diet root beer is now a multimedia cabaret-style extravaganza. I Made Out With Him Anyway is Kirstin and Evie's collection of outrageous stories of man-dates gone very, very wrong. And the best part - they're all completely true. Down to the names. And sometimes photos. The one-hour show features stories, scenes and songs about their quests for just one damn good man, including such bar-time favorites as:

"Online Dating: A Multimedia Tutorial"

"He Was a 19-Year-Old Sex Addict"

and of course

"I Fucked a Rabbi"

Directed by Nick Hoffa * Music by Jon Lee
Video Editing by Rob Kerkovich * Dramaturgy by Meredith Hoffa