SACRED FOOLS | SACRED FOOLS THEATER COMPANY - Little Mary of the Rose (First Public Performance)


those sacred fools who have a theater company are positively giddy to present

the very first public performance of...

thursday, july 26 @ 7:30pm
(a $10 donation would be nice, though... you can even make that donation right now!  go ahead!)
mila says... "there will be refreshments.  there will be books for sale.  i will even sign your copy if you want me to. 

"i would say bring your kids except that they might get bored.  i'll be doing no singing or dancing.  but I definitely won't be swearing or taking my clothes off either so, bring them at your own peril.

"if there is time and the audience is up for it I would love to have a Q & A at the end. 

"bring your friends!
any age any sex any color"
- map to the theater -