SACRED FOOLS | "A Night for Fools" Photos (2006)

Candid shots of the April 1, 2006 event!

Juggler David M. Beach, about
to juggle some bowling balls.
Michael Rayner once again spins a McDonald's
cheeseburger on an umbrella. Because he can.
Magician Chuck Le Fever
Bobo the Magic Squirrel stalls for time.  Sorry,
Bobo the Magic EVIL Squirrel.  Thanks, Lahahan.
Victor hosts, Christina sings,
and Becky asks for your money.
Up in the sound booth, Paul's fastidious attention
to his work keeps everything running smoothly.
The good-looking cast
(L-R: David Lawrence, Michael Lanahan, Fleur Phillips, Matthew Garland, Ian R. Gould, Christina Byron, Kathi Copeland and Steven "Memel" Memel)

- More Buk photos -
Vanessa and Stacey present the cake!
They don't NEED your attention.  They've GOT your attention.
The evening ends with EXTREME Fast & Loose!  With less than 45 minutes of preparation, Franci Montgomery, Kathi Copeland, Bruno Oliver, Jenifer Hamel & Corey Klemow (above) - plus Mike Lanahan (left, w/Franci) perform a Bob DeRosa script that was written in 15 minutes, and based on the random variables "Religion" (something Sacred) and the song title "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" (something Foolish).


Lanahan and Matt karaoke with the
BUKOWSICAL! band into the wee hours
Lanahan and Victor will KICK YOUR ASS.
Well, Victor will.  Maybe Lanahan won't.
Pat Towne (center) flanked
by Founding Fools
Adam Bitterman (left)
and Paul Plunkett (right)
Hans finds five seconds to relax between the seventy billion shows he's stage managing, lighting and producing. A little slice of heaven
called Victor.
Ohhhhhhh yeah.
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Thanks to Becky Harrison & C.M. the Gonzalez for the pics