SACRED FOOLS | SACRED FOOLS THEATER COMPANY - Live Taping of Richard Levinson's "Unchartables, Vol. 1"

You are cordially invited to
attend a live recording of
Richard Levinson's
SUN, OCT. 22 @ 1:30pm
Reservations: (310) 281-8337
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"It's hard to get Richard out of the room, but his songs
are hard to get out of your head. They are always catchy,
always funny, and always wonderful." - Fred Willard

A live recording of some of Richard Levinson's socially
relevant, politically inflammatory and mercifully short songs.


A Pitch

A War Song

A Jesus Song

Another Jesus Song

A Parody Song

A History Song

a group of little 
  history songs

A Jingle

A Long Song

An Economic 
  Opportunity Song

A TV Song

A Supportive Song

A Complaint Song

All material by Richard Levinson
except "The Complaint Song" (Richard Levinson & Jeff Mandel) and "The Parody Song" (Original Music by Jeff Moss, Parody Lyrics by Richard Levinson)

Thanks to:
The Sacred Fools Theater 
  (especially Paul Plunkett,
   John Mitchell & Jenifer Hamel)
Dale Gregory
Sinclaire Chase
Fred & Mary Willard

About Richard Levinson:

After penning Burt Reynolds’s country novelty hit “Let’s Do Something Cheap and Superficial” many, many, many years ago, songwriter Richard Levinson quickly descended into the dark world of advertising music, writing jingles for shopping malls, restaurants, furniture warehouses, newspapers, plumbing supply distributors, waterbeds, jewelers, car dealers, newspapers, piano stores, supermarkets, sauerkraut (yes, sauerkraut), frozen desserts, miniature golf courses, beers, wines, banks, the California Egg Commission, the LSU women’s basketball team and one very large discount brokerage.

To atone for this, he has also written a bunch of comedy music and satiric songs -- which he quite appropriately calls “Unchartables.” Some of these have appeared in productions by MTV, National Lampoon, Fox/HBO and Disney Television Animation. His songs were also featured regularly on the Dr. Demento syndicated radio show.

A self-described “professional dilettante,” Richard has written for numerous local and national magazines, most of which are now out of business. Along with his occasional performances at Sacred Fools, he currently acts as musical director for the LA version of “No-Shame Theater,” which is presented Friday nights at the Powerhouse Theater in Santa Monica. He also performs regularly with “The MOHOs,” the sketch comedy group headed by Fred and Mary Willard.