SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 7:30pm - Midnight

Sacred Fools is celebrating the opening
of its 14th season with a CREEPY CARNIVAL!

Come and get a sneak peek at the exciting season to come:
Company Generated World Premieres! Musicals! Comedies! Dramas! Horror!

One night only! The creepy carnival is in town, and you can be a part of the mayhem. $15 gets you in the door and gets you 5 carnie tickets. There’ll be plenty of games, bevies, and foodstuffs available!

Dunk your Favorite Fool in our
Dunk Tank, witness a Freak Show, play Carnival Games for Fabulous Prizes, watch over the madness in our Voyeur Room, take part in a Sexy Peep Show, try your hand at our Backroom Poker Tournament, have your Fortune Told, sit down for a cigar and glass of brandy in our Opium Den, and unravel a spellbinding Real Time Riddle!

At 10pm the party devolves into a sexy, dance till you drop, Tax-Deductible Good Time!

TICKETS:  $15 AT THE DOOR (includes five game tickets)

OR!  Help us reach our $20,000 Fundraising Goal
and get a
FREE TICKET!  Donors of SILVER level
or above get free tickets to the Launch Party and our
April 1 Gala Dinner!  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

Don't miss the party of the year!

Did you miss it?  Here are photos!

Photos by C.M. Gonzalez