MAGIC BULLET-themed "Pin the Gore..." game

Preview of CRUMBLE (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake)

Photos by C.M. Gonzalez

A Midsummer Night's Fever Dream

Our 15th Season Launch Party!
Saturday, Aug. 27, 8pm - 2am!

Come one, come all! Join us for the 15th Season Launch Party for Sacred Fools Theater Company and celebrate "A Midsummer Night's Fever Dream!" This ethereal event will be a dream like no other with Root-beer Floats, Martinis, Brain Hemorrhages and Mulled Wine to whet your whistle and fire your imagination. Feed your fever with Lee Harvey Oswald's fried chicken and apple crumble cupcakes. Make bids at Buster Keaton's Silent Auction where you could win a Photography Session, Original Art and even a stylish bag from Coach! Then mill around in the fever dream and play video games, have your Fortune Told or get a lap dance from Rudolph the Red Light District Reindeer! Throughout the dream you will see live preview performances of Sacred Fools upcoming shows including Crumble, The Magic Bullet Theory and CarnEvil!

Bring your pennies. Not only is it a party, it's the end of our summer fund drive!

Coming?  Why not sign the Facebook invite, and tell your friends?

Update:  Check out photos from the event, taken by C.M. Gonzalez!

At a Glance
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S FEVER DREAM - Our 15th Season Launch Party!
Saturday, Aug. 27, 8pm-2am
Admission: $20 at the door
Martinis 'n' Mulled Wine
Root Beer Floats
Fried chicken
Apple crumble cupcakes
Silent auction
Fortune tellers
Previews of our 15th season
and more!