Li'l Richard, some time ago

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Richard Levinson's "Unchartables Vol. 2" Live at Sacred Fools Theater


(please note: it's live)
Wednesday, Aug. 8 @ 8pm

songs by Richard Levinson

No Reservations - get your tickets at the door!

On Wednesday August 8th at 8PM, please be in the live theater audience for Richard Levinson's "Unchartables Vol 2. Live at Sacred Fools Theater" Live Recording Session!  Please note: It's live.

Way back in 2006, Richard Levinson recorded a CD of some comedy songs at the Sacred Fools Theater. He called it "Unchartables Vol. 1 Live at Sacred Fools Theater." People seemed to like it...

"It's hard to get Richard out of the room, but his songs are hard to get out of your head. They are always catchy, always funny, and always wonderful." -- Fred Willard

"Funny! Great job, man...." -- Chris Miller, writer, "Animal House"

"Bravo! Terrific stuff..." -- Phil Proctor, Firesign Theater

"Richard Levinson is like a modern Cole Porter-except way more talented and clever and not dead!"  --Julie Brown

"Hey, there's some clever shit in this album. Richard Levinson performs his songs in the tradition of Tom Lehrer, Phil Ochs, Randy Newman, Roy Zimmerman, and David Frischberg. Welcome to another troubadour of musical irreverence." --Paul Krassner

Six years is plenty of time to bask in the glow of those warm words, so now it's time to do another one!

Featuring songs from Sacred Fools' Serial Killers, Fast 'n' Loose and Ten Tops shows, plus a few from No-Shame Theater L.A., and some dusty boxes in the garage.

Performed by Richard Levinson and a bunch of swell guest singers: Matt Valle, Rebecca Larsen, Courtney DeCosky, Vanessa Claire Stewart, Michael Lanahan, Dan Wingard, Cj Merriman, Jaime Andrews, Brian Wallis and maybe even a few more.

(No reservations necessary...or even possible. Just show up! Credit Cards accepted. Proceeds to Sacred Fools.)

Oh, yes. It's live.

And yes, it's live.

Not intended for younger audiences.

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At a Glance
Weds, Aug. 8 @ 8pm
Tickets: $7
(only available at the door)
Songs by
Richard Levinson