(Review of January 2000 Fast & Loose, written by a high school student for a now-defunct website called "ytrybe."  Thank you, Internets!)


Place: Sacred Fools
Style: Comedy / Playhouse
Location: East Melrose
Rating: * * * *



Instant Comedy

By Kate R. - 17
Los Angeles, CA

Once again, I was on the hunt for a weekend activity other than going to a high school party. I wanted to find something different and interesting. And after researching L.A. Weekly (a publication that lists upcoming events and activities), I found Sacred Fools. It simply read "comedy club." I was in desperate need to do something, so I thought I'd give this place a try, even though I didn't know much about it.

My two friends and I met up at this quaint theater off of Melrose on Saturday night. It looked like a very tiny theater from the outside, but it was jam-packed inside. The theater was dark and dingy, but it had a homey and comfortable feel. Cigarette smoke and worn out chairs gave it kind of a hip and grandfatherly atmosphere. Underground actors, directors, writers, and producers filled every seat in the house. Some people even sat on the stage. The people were one breed: grungy hipsters- men wore vintage bowling shirts and women dressed in tight, black pants and shirts. This is one of the few theaters that allow food and drinks into the actual seating area. It clearly had the "make yourself at home" feel.

Not knowing what was so special about this place, a fellow audience member informed me what makes Sacred Fools on Saturday so, well, sacred. Every Friday night seven writers picked a word out of a hat. That night they had to stay up and write a script with the inspiration of that particular word. Then on Saturday night, actors and directors of a troop are assigned to perform one of the plays. I was amazed by this concept. I couldn't believe this happened within a day. I was prepared to see how successful (or unsuccessful!) this process would be. The lights went down and the plays began.

They were a success! I watched humorous plays, which were parodies of the "Crucible," and plays about every day life. Although they needed some tweaking, they were all delivered very well. These plays not only serve as an entertaining show for the audience, but they also allow the writers and directors see how to rework their pieces.

I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort displayed by the actors, even though they just learned their lines. It was an educational experience for everyone, and I most definitely recommend that people go to watch a performance at Sacred Fools.