Impeachment LIVE!

produced by JJ Mayes , David Mayes & Shaela Cook
directed by JJ Mayes

Friday, November 22, 2019 @ 11pm

Tickets: Pay-What-You-Can

Impeachment! It's everywhere. It's on your radios, your television, your internets, even your t-shirts. There is no escaping it. But why escape when you can delve even deeper? For instance, what happens to an artist's mind on impeachment? Well, Friday night at 11, we'll attempt to show you. We present an evening of impeachment-themed sketches for your entertainment. And because we're moving at the speed of inspiration, we've spent as much time preparing this show as Trump has preparing a tweet about hamberders and covfefe.

Performing on the Broadwater Second Stage (Entrance at 6320 Santa Monica Blvd.)

The IMPEACHMENT LIVE! Players were Ren Montoro, Peter Fluet, Amir Levi , Connor Pratt, Colin Willkie, Joe Jordan , Brenda Varda , Chairman Barnes & Shaela Cook

Written by Bill Robens, Jaime Robledo , Pam Eberhardt, Shaela Cook & David Mayes

Music by Brenda Varda , Richard Levinson & Pam Eberhardt

Segments included:
* "Ask Me Anything" with Devin Nunes
* "Tomi Talk" with Tomi Lahren
* "Impeachment Inquiry: Best Of" - We take it out of context so you don't have to!


Created by David Mayes , JJ Mayes , Shaela Cook , Jaime Robledo , Brian Wallis and the Members of Sacred Fools Theater Company
Sound Design - Jaime Robledo
Tech Consultant - Sofijia Dutcher
Sound Operator - Murphy Towne
- Joyce Hutter

- Sacred Fools Company Member