The League of Fools
with HeyDay & MAX

created & hosted by Lauren Van Kurin & Peter Fluet

Jan. 9, Feb. 6, March 5 & April 2, 2020 @ 8pm

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Peter Fluet (Writer, Tangerine Sunset, Lamprey, HeyDay) and Lauren Van Kurin (Director, The Art Couple, Writer, King of Kong: A Musical Parody, MAX) bring to the Sacred Fools stage a journey into an eclectic world of comedy. Hosted by Lauren and Peter, and anchored by two of Los Angeles' best improv teams, HeyDay and MAX, THE LEAGUE OF FOOLS is on the hunt for the best and most brazen comedy acts they can find: music, stand up, sketch, dance, magic - all forms of the foolish and funny are welcomed by The League of Fools in this extravaganza of irreverence. Leave your sensibilities at the door, detach your sense of irony before entering, because it is The League of Fools' sacred mission to bring you a unique comedy experience twice a month that will leave you gasping for breath and demanding more.

Performing on the Broadwater Second Stage (Entrance at 6320 Santa Monica Blvd.)

The Improvisers

HEYDAY is: Chris Alvarado, Brandon Barrick, Matt Cavedon, Amanda Blake Davis, Molly Erdman, Peter Fluet, Zach Huddelston & Jaime Moyer

MAX is: Marina Mastros, Frank Moran, Dean Sharpe, Dustin Sterling, Dan Torson, Justin Uretz & Lauren Van Kurin

Guest Performers for March 5:

Orange Tuxedo is a two person improv show from a husband and wife team. They perform "Close Quarters," with a focus on creating grounded relationships formed by eccentric characters. If you like comedy, you may have seen Craig wear various mustaches and costume pieces on Comedy Central's Drunk History. If you like drunken history, you may have seen Carla drink various beers on Instagram. They perform regularly at The Second City in Hollywood and Mi's Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica. They have traveled nationally to Austin for the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (2015), SF Sketchfest (San Francisco 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), Phoenix Improv Festival (2016), Del Close Marathon (NYC 2016), Stumptown Improv Fest (Portland 2016, 2017), Detroit Improv Festival (2016, 2017, 2019), IF Cincinnati (2016), Denver Improv Festival (2016), Providence Improv Festival (2017), Orange County Improv Fest (2017, 2018), San Francisco Improv Festival (2017), Seattle Festival of Improvisation (2018), and Sarasota Improv Festival (2018). International shows and workshops include Free Association in London, UK (2016), Vancouver International Improv Festival (2018), Copenhagen International Improv Festival (2019), and Warsaw Improv Festival (2019).

Ari Radousky and his Five Minute Quiz: Ari is an actor, writer, and producer, best known for the Five Minute Quiz. He is a member of Sacred Fools, and the co-host of Tell Me A Story - A Competitive History Podcast.

Plus, host Peter Fluet is joined by guest host Frank Moran of MAX.

Past Guests

- Sacred Fools Company Member