SFNW: Sacred Fools New Works Reading Series

FEBRUARY 24 - MARCH 23, 2020
Mondays @ 8pm
Admission: Free - Reserve your seat online now!

A sneak peek at just a few of scripts the Fools are considering for next season! The Sacred Fools New Works Reading Series presents five unproduced plays from emerging playwrights that embrace the theatrical form and speak to the diverse culture of contemporary society. SFNW20 will support Sacred Fools' participation in the Jubilee Festival season, highlighting stories by and about historically underrepresented communities. More info at jointhejubilee.org.

Join us next door at The Broadwater Plunge for our Series Reception following the first reading on February 24th - a chance to discuss the play informally over a beverage, and chat about what makes exciting new theatre!

Monday, February 24 @ 8pm*:


by Audrey Cefaly
directed by Marisa O'Brien

Featuring Jessica Sherman, Glenda Suggs, Crystal Keith, Kathy Bell Denton & Lisa Anne Nicolai

A darkly comic southern drama about love, art, and the power of women. This heart-wrenching story of a reclusive Alabama folk artist won the David Calicchio Emerging American Playwright Prize. After a tornado barrels through town leaving nothing but death and destruction, only June and her pet goat Weezy live to tell the tale. When a prominent photographer visits to take pictures of June’s scars, both are forced to reconcile the pain of loss and recovery. This all-female drama explores the meaning and purpose of art and the struggle of the lost and tortured souls that seek to create it.

Performing in the Broadwater Black Box (entrance at 6322 Santa Monica Blvd.)

*Series Reception to follow in the Broadwater Plunge!

Monday, March 2 @ 8pm:


by Holly Arsenault
directed by Julia Griswold

Featuring Lynn Odell, Ben Michaels, Madeleine Heil, Nancy Ma, Alexis B. Santiago & Lemon Baardsen

2050. Somewhere on the West Coast of the United States. A scrappy group of historical re-enactors - orphans of our next civil war - have formed a chosen family. Abandoned by a government that no longer pretends to serve any but the rich, their survival gig is helping to whitewash some of the worst atrocities in American history for audiences of wealthy schoolchildren. When an unexpected visitor starts camping out in their dioramas, portending a new and growing danger, they’re forced to face their own histories, and contend with the revelation that the woman they all work for is much more than just their boss.

Performing in the Broadwater Black Box (entrance at 6322 Santa Monica Blvd.)

Monday, March 9 @ 8pm:


by Natalie Nicole Dressel
directed by Sofija Dutcher

Featuring Natalie Nicole Dressel, Lana Rae Jarvis, Cj Merriman, Scott Leggett, Jeremiah Crothers & Shaela Cook & Marian Gonzalez

Viewing her life as a sitcom rerun, a transgender woman confronts the demons that haunted her childhood home.

Performing in the Broadwater Black Box (entrance at 6322 Santa Monica Blvd.)

Monday, March 16 @ 8pm (cancelled):


by Leelee Jackson
directed by Marc Antonio Pritchett

Featuring Therese Olson, Victor Isaac, Michele Randleston, David LM McIntyre, Jynarra Brinson, Cortney Wright, Carene Rose Mekertichyan, MJ Brown & Harim Sanchez

A reverse minstrel play written about postmodern ideologies on Blackness and negrophilia. This interactive play follows the lives of aliens exiled from planet Nah, sent to America to pose as a white family who are forced to decide their role in Blackness... while inviting you to do the same.

Performing on the Broadwater Main Stage (entrance at 1076 Lillian Way)

Monday, March 23 @ 8pm (cancelled):


by Felice Locker
directed by Sabrina Ann Lloyd

Cast TBD

Jane, resilient but restless, decamps to rural Colorado where she thinks hard work and even harder weather are the answer to almost everything. While enduring sliding mud and her slippery sister, Jane, who is disabled, embarks on a journey with mythical time travelers and a magical eagle to discover her place in the changing West.

Performing on the Broadwater Main Stage (entrance at 1076 Lillian Way)

- Sacred Fools Company Member

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