The Last Twelve Years of Phineas Gage

written by Scott Golden
directed by Pete Caslavka

NOVEMBER 13 & 15, 2018
Monday & Wednesday @ 8pm

Admission: FREE! Make Reservations Now

When Phineas Gage's tamping iron shot completely through his skull, he defied all medical knowledge and lived to make a full recovery. Or did he? Based on a true story, The Last Twelve Years of Phineas Gage tells the tale of a freak survival, an unwilling celebrity, the competition to lay claim over his diagnosis, and all of the doctors determined to "care" for him.

Performing on the Broadwater Second Stage
(Entrance at 6320 Santa Monica Blvd.)

THE SACRED LAB: Sacred Fools Theater Company is excited to announce the creation of The Sacred Lab and its first staged reading of The Last Twelve Years of Phineas Gage. The Sacred Lab is Sacred Fools' new development program and works in two ways: as a Project workshop or as a Director workshop. Artistically, it provides company member playwrights, directors and actors the resources to learn, experiment and gain experience. The workshop also allows the artists to kick the proverbial tires on a specific play in development by producing an elaborate staged reading with some fully staged scenes, thereby examining both the theatricality and design elements as well as future production potential.


Travis Goodman as Phineas Gage
Corey Walter Johnson as Dr. John Harlow
Paul Walling as Dr. Henry Bigelow
Scott Leggett as Dr. Bartholomew Billings
Paul Tigue as Dr. Robert Hightower
Skip Pipo as Dr. Quincey Adams
Matthew Grondin as Seamus Barry
Kristyn Evelyn as Elizabeth Hunt


Produced for Sacred Fools by Monica Greene
Dramaturgy - Rebecca Larsen
Stage Manager - Rowan Hall
Lighting Design - Matt Richter
Sound Design - Suze Campagna
Costume Design - Linda Muggeridge
Build Crew - Aaron Francis & Joe Jordan
Casting Coordinator
- Eric Giancoli

- Sacred Fools Company Member