Where the top three come back,
and the rest… Rest.

Triple Crown -- How It Works -- In Detail

Step One: 

Two copies of a short “original” 1 monologue or an “original” 2 one-act are submitted to the producers.2

Along with the script, we ask you to please make sure to include any possible scheduling conflicts when you submit your piece, the approximate running time, a brief production history, and all of your contact information.

  1. The term “original” as it refers to material submitted is very loose, and for a more specific answer you may wish to contact the producers.

    We are interested in material that’s completely original, or something you’ve done before, or something a friend wrote that you always wanted to do. It may be from Ten Tops. It may be from a friend in Chicago. Or something you performed in New York. What ever it is, you must have the rights to perform the submitted work. Each team is held responsible for securing the rights to what ever pieces they perform.

    What we don’t want: We are not looking for classical monologues, pieces or scenes or monologues from published material, dance pieces, scenes from slightly known published plays, or something taken from something else. Everything submitted should stand on it’s own having a beginning. middle and an end.

  2. Material from SF members will be read first. Followed by contributing fresh folk. And lastly by unknowns to the theater company.

Step Two:
Submitted material is reviewed and chosen by the producers.

  1. Two readers will read each script independently, giving the script a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Based on several factors.

  1. Character and Story Arc (Monologues will be favored)

  2. Entertainment Value

  3. Technical Requirements (less is better)

  4. Past History – The producers are aware that there are some great works that don’t fit into a linear formula, so past performance history at SF may possibly be taken into account. As well as where pieces have been done before.

  5. Running Time/Page Count – The higher the page count, the better the piece better be.  And don't even bother submitting pieces that will run much longer than 7 minutes.

NOTE: If a producer or reader chooses to submit a script of their own they will not be assigned to be one of the readers of that script.

  1. Scripts given two thumbs up are put in the “fast-track” pile and after a positive final review by a final producer, are scheduled to compete.

    While we will try not to have one writer have two scripts debut in one week, we will also be doing our best to put up the best show possible.

  2. Scripts given one thumb up and one thumb down are put in the “slower pile,” and depending on a final review, are or are not scheduled to compete.

  3. Scripts given two thumbs down are only reviewed by a final producer if the other piles have been exhausted, and or there’s a special exception for some unknown reason.

Step Three:

You will be notified by the producers if you piece has been chosen, and the date it will be scheduled to debut.

  1. We do hope to notify people at least two weeks before scheduled performances. But will not and cannot guarantee that.

  2. People who have submitted pieces that are not chosen will most likely not be notified, since scripts will remain on one pile or another.

  3. UN-chosen pieces may possibly remain with the producers, and may possibly be passed to the next producers if the show is done again.

  4. Notes may be given on pieces that are deemed “close to being ready.”

Step Four:

Once your piece has been selected you must now secure a team, meaning you must now find a director to direct, and an actor to perform the piece. That is if you don’t already have someone already in mind.

Minimum team size is two people, there is no maximum size.

Note: We will discourage everyone from writing, directing, and performing the work themselves. While two out of three of those ain’t bad, three for three probably ain’t gonna fly for us. So don’t plan on being a triple threat in one piece for Triple Crown.

RULE CHANGE: Actors can only be in one NEW piece each week, but may be in a NEW piece and a RETURNING piece. We do hope that directors/writers will ask a variety of actors, to give opportunities to as many Fools as possible, and maybe get some new talented blood into Sacred Fools as well.

Step Five:

Your team readies for the night, being aware of the stage dimensions for your intended blocking, costuming your actor, and telling your friends and family about the evening. More on that later.

Step Six:

On the day of your performance you are to show up for a closed/private tech rehearsal where you walk through your script with the tech crew. Setting any sound and/or light levels, or to run your piece. Time will be minimal, and very strict. For several reasons, it is in your best interest not to have many tech cues.

At this time you will also need to bring two clean copies of the script for the tech crew… Regardless of how many tech cues you have.

Step Seven:

Show up at the theater at least 30 minutes before curtain, sign in, and get the show order. Order will be determined by the producers.

Returning pieces will be announced as returning pieces (“and for the third week in a row…”)

Step Eight:

Perform your piece, and have a blast. Nothing is really won or lost, it’s really just about putting on a great show, doing what you love, and having fun!

Step Nine:

After the last piece ends, the audience will be asked by the host to vote on which pieces they’d like to see return the following week, which they liked best, or which piece they’d want their friends to come and see. 

This is why it’s in your best interest to tell your friends and family. The audience is who decides which three pieces come back the next week.

On the final week a vote will be taken, and piece chosen may be brought back if Triple Crown is done again, featured in future fundraisers, or whatever have you. Again, it’s about friendly competition.

Step Ten:

The votes are counted by the producers while a guest performer performs, or the host vamps, or whatever, and at the very end the “returning pieces” are announced, along possibly with highlights from the following week’s line up. 

In the event of a tie, the producers will decide on the spot what to do. If all the pieces are short enough, 4 may return. (How crazy would that be?) There may also be some sort of challenge round, and each week it might change.

The producers reserve the right to make exceptions to any guideline or rule.


Q & A

Is there a submission fee?


Am I going to be paid? Do we win anything?


This is an open competition to members and the surrounding community. Not a Sacred Fools cast/rehearsed show.

Writers, directors, and actors will not be paid, nor actually win anything but the opportunity to come back the following week. Although, some people still believe that being on stage is a privilege.

I’m not a member, nor have I been around Sacred Fools, can I submit?

Sacred Fools is an open company. Come to a company meeting. Start coming to shows. Start meeting people after shows. Volunteer to help do things.

We will read Sacred Fools members stuff first, followed by fresh folk who contribute, then fresh folk that don’t contribute, then people we know from surrounding companies… If there’s a need then we will get to the scripts and submissions of complete strangers. But as always, it’s best not to be a stranger.

Get involved.  (Here's how.)

If I’m not sure who owns the rights to a piece, or don’t have the rights to a piece, can I still submit it?

Not only best you know who owns the rights to the pieces you submit, but you better have permission. 

The producers and Sacred Fools hold all those who submit accountable for the rights of the pieces they submit. We will show the lawyers looking for royalties this Q & A and turn them towards you. You have been forewarned.

Can I submit Fast & Loose pieces?


However, Fast & Loose pieces have a thing called Slow & Tight which is where pieces from Fast & Loose are revisited. So, for that reason, Fast & Loose pieces may not be given the same opportunity as other pieces in Triple Crown.

Can I submit Ten Tops pieces? Or a piece I did Off Off Broadway? Or a piece I do as a monologue piece?


We’re not looking to make this a showcase. However, if it’s entertaining, fulfills the story/narrative requirements we’re looking for… Submit it. We just want to put on the most entertaining show possible.

Can I submit something out of a full length play I wrote?


However, it better have a beginning, middle and an end, and not feel like it came out of something else. Also it better not be titled “A scene from…” Everything submitted must stand on it’s own as entertainment.

Again, this is not meant to be a scene study class, commercial for something bigger, or a showcase.

Do I get rehearsal time in the space?

Besides a very short tech, all rehearsals are up to you and your team. 

If you can work it out with the current production manager, it’s the right of all Sacred Fools company members to be able to work in the space when it’s available. That right is sometimes extended to contributing Fresh Folk when working on something that will appear on the Sacred Fools stage.

Your show will be given a very short time to tech or to run in the space on the day of the performance.

What is a contributing Fresh Folk?

A Fresh Folk is someone that has been around Sacred Fools, but is not a member. A “contributing Fresh Folk,” is someone who contributes by volunteering, donating, showing up for shows, helps tech shows they’re not involved in, does a box office shift now and then. They contribute in some way.

Sacred Fools is a not for profit Theater Company, run on the sweat of volunteers. The producers of Triple Crown believe sweat equity should have some benefits.

If I’m returning do I need to go to tech rehearsal?

We can’t guarantee the tech crew will be the same people from week to week, so it’s in your best interest to at least set levels and make adjustments.

Do I get a budget?


Nor do we.

I know how to juggle and sing, can I submit that piece?

It won’t get picked for the competition, however while the votes are counted there will be a short time for a variety act to be scheduled each week. Contact the variety producer directly.

My show is extremely messy, is that okay?

No. But if you can clean it up very quickly, and not damage the mainstage set at all… It’s possible it might be okay.

You are responsible for your act.

Will there be publicity/postcards?

There is no budget, so marketing will rely heavy on word of mouth from you and other people like you. We will alert our publicist about the show, but it’s really in your best interest both as a supporter of Sacred Fools and/or a performer, director or writer in Triple Crown to get people to the show.

Sacred Fools has a very good reputation for late night shows, we’d like to continue with that tradition.

Can I act in more than one piece?

In a cycle, yes. Of course.

In a night...

RULE CHANGE: Actors may only be in one NEW piece each week, but may be in a NEW piece and a RETURNING piece. If the piece from the week before gets chosen to come back.

We do hope that directors/writers will ask a variety of actors, to give opportunities to as many Fools as possible, and maybe get some new talented blood into Sacred Fools as well.

We’re looking to put on the best show for the audience, giving them the most variety possible.

If I’m returning can I change my show? To spice it up?

People voted your piece to come back, because they want to see it again, or tell their friends to come see it. They liked it the way it was.

We do firmly ask that no text gets changed from the time you submit your piece (unless you’re asked to consider doing so by the producers).

Can I submit more than one piece?


We will try not to debut more then one piece from a writer or director in a week. But will also pick the best pieces submitted with the hopes to get the best show from week to week.

Can I act in one, direct another, and write another?


We think it’d be fun for the audience to see our diversity, both as a group and individuals.

Why can’t I write, act and direct all in one piece?

The reason is, is that we’d like as much quality control as possible, and while you may be a genius at all three of those things, we really want every piece to have some balance to it. An outside eye might just be what you need. Or someone else performing your words, might be more pleasurable than you’re aware of.

Who owns the rights to the piece after I do it at Triple Crown?

It’s still all yours, or your friends… We are honored you chose to participate in Triple Crown, but all rights remain with whomever owns them.

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