We the People

created, curated & directed by Kimberly Atkinson & Amir Levi

Bi-Monthly Mondays @ 8pm
Next: Monday, November 20, 2017

Tickets: Donate-What-You-Can
Pay at the door, or reserve online (ticket sales coming soon) and make a donation at checkout

This bi-monthly theatre action is a curated staged reading series of new works theatrically exploring, sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly, and everything in between, the social and political concerns facing our country today. We The People: Where artists and audiences come together to Resist, Persist, and Express It. To find hope, unity, and to take action. Every other month, artists will receive a prompt and a deadline. The 3-5 minute pieces will then be curated into a night of theatre. All proceeds will go to a related non-profit.

Performing in the Broadwater Black Box
(Entrance at 6322 Santa Monica Blvd.)

ALL PROCEEDS from the NOVEMBER 20TH event will go to CARECEN, the Central American Resource Center, a nonprofit organization that offers low-cost immigration legal services, community education programs, and advocacy and organizing to achieve fair and more inclusive immigration, education, and labor laws and policies in Los Angeles and the rest of the nation.

Vision: CARECEN envisions Los Angeles becoming a place where Central Americans and all other communities live in peace and dignity, enjoying economic well-being, social justice, and political empowerment.

Mission: CARECEN empowers Central Americans and all immigrants by defending human and civil rights, working for social and economic justice and promoting cultural diversity.

Works for November 20

"DomQuil" by Michael Robinson

"Letters" by Giovanni Ortega

"Domestic Tranquility" by Ed Touchdown Goodman

"Fair and Balanced" by Travis Snyder-Eaton

"Hugh Next Door" by Faith Kearns

"Finish Your Breakfast" by Bradley Rhone

"Los Invisibles" by Richard Soto

"Give Me Liberty!" by S. Pearl Sharp

"Anthem" by Teri Gamble

"You Donít Understand" by Shelagh McFadden

"Human Resources" by Justin Sanders

"The Rally" by Diana Burbano

"Iím With Her" by Stacy Patterson

Ensemble: Evie Abat, Garrett Botts, Rafeal Clements, Perry Daniel , Marianne Davis Rago , Nadia Elahi, Kristyn Evelyn , Edwin Garcia, Marian Gonzalez , Ed Goodman , Isaiah Howard, Corey Klemow , Lynda La Rose, Carene Rose Mekertichyan, Cj Merriman , Bruno Oliver , Ricky Pak, Marta Portillo, Jos Viramontes & John Wuchte

Check out the works from the September 11, 2017 show


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