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Season 2, 2018-19

created & curated by Kimberly Atkinson & Amir Levi

Cast and crew lists from past editions of WE THE PEOPLE.

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Season 1


We the People: "Rights of Conscience"

Wednesday, October 10, 2018
directed by Kimberly Atkinson & Marianne Davis Rago

ALL PROCEEDS from the OCTOBER 10 event went to Mentes Puertorriqueñas en Acción, a non-profit organization led for and by young professionals engaged in social change initiatives in Puerto Rico. MPA's Mission: "To empower a network of young change agents to generate effective and inclusive initiatives for Puerto Rico."

"The Real Deal" by Elin Hampton
Kristyn Evelyn as Ms. L. Royce
Adriana Colón as Dr. Chern
Ace Ahmed as Phil
ALL as CVS Customers

"How Many Drinks Does It Take (to dismantle systemic white supremacy)?" by Carene Rose Mekertichyan
Altesa Baker as Sonny
Emet L. Block as Wes

"Rites & Rights" by Michael Robinson
Marie-Francoise Theodore as The Reverend Harriet "Harry" Jones
Ace Ahmed as Doctor Ibrahim "Abe" Hashmi

"Priceless" by Joshua R. Lamont
Performed by Tifanie McQueen

"Con*sci*en*tious" by Brittney S. Wheeler
Keiana Richard as Dr. Imani Henley
Altesa Baker as Cassandria
Marie-Francoise Theodore as Dr. Jasmine Meeks

"I am a Preexisting Condition" by Stacy Patterson
Corey Klemow as First Human
Tifanie McQueen as Second Human
David LM McIntyre as Third Human
Marie-Francoise Theodore as Fourth Human
Emet L. Block as Fifth Human
Kristyn Evelyn as Sixth Human

"Prescribed" by Steve Harper
Keiana Richàrd as Doctor
Corey Klemow as Man

"Prove It" by Joe Jordan
with Adriana Colón , David LM McIntyre , Altesa Baker, Ace Ahmed, Emet L. Block, Keiana Richàrd

Stage Directions read by Tifanie McQueen
Guitar: Lana Rae Jarvis
Stage Manager / Board Op - Suze Campagna

We the People: "Law of the Land"

Wednesday, December 12, 2018
directed by Amir Levi

ALL PROCEEDS for the DECEMBER 12 event went to L.A. for CHOICE. Volunteers for L.A. for Choice come out every weekend to provide a friendly face and supportive voice to those seeking reproductive health care in Los Angeles. For more information about us or if you would like to volunteer as an escort, please email

"Caravan" by Bob DeRosa
Allison Hicks as Val
Monique Sypkens as Lexa
Corey Klemow as Captain Mike Matthews

"Ticket to Work" by Tori Gesualdo
Tifanie McQueen as Rebecca
Richard Azurdia as Rodney
Monique Sypkens as Social Security Rep

"People in My Mind"
Written and Performed by Lana Rae Jarvis

Written and Performed by Gina Torrecilla

"The Chairs" by Travis Snyder-Eaton
Jennifer Bobiwash as Actor One
Allison Hicks as Actor Two
Corey Klemow as Actor Three

"Law & (Dis)Order: SUV" by Michael Robinson
John Wuchte as Lt. Hallelujah Law
Andrea Nguyen as Officer Destini Child

Written and Performed by Brenda Varda

"Latent Rapists" by Carene Rose Mekertichyan
Monique Sypkens as Angie
Andrea Nguyen as Patti

"Law Rap" by Ian Patrick Williams
Performed by Ian Patrick Williams, Andrea Nguyen, Richard Azurdia & Jennifer Bobiwash

"Two Women" by Jen Huszcza
Tane Kawasaki as One
Gina Torrecilla as Two

"Alice and Father Gibney" by Alisa Tangredi
Tifanie McQueen as Actor
Lana Rae Jarvis as Alice
Ian Patrick Williams as Bob / Young Bob
Gina Torrecilla as Great Grandmother O'Leary
John Wuchte as Father Gibney

"New Guy on the Court" by Stacy Patterson
Tane Kawasaki as Regina
Jennifer Bobiwash as Tamara
Richard Azurdia as Sam

Stage Directions read by Brenda Varda
Drums: John Wuchte
Guitar: Lana Rae Jarvis
Stage Manager / Board Op - Suze Campagna

We the People: "Discharge the Powers"

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
directed by Kimberly Atkinson & Amir Levi

ALL PROCEEDS for the FEBRUARY 13 event went to TreePeople, a non-profit organization that inspires and supports the people of LA to come together to plant and care for trees, harvest the rain, and renew depleted landscapes. TreePeople is an environmental nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire, engage and support people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, making it safe, healthy, fun and sustainable and to share our process as a model for the world.

Writers: Jacob Barnes, Jaisey Bates, Crystal Keith , Mildred Lewis, Carene Rose Mekertichyan, Michael Robinson, Gregory Sims & Brenda Varda

Cast: Altesa J. Baker, Garrett Botts, Jennifer Cheung, Pagan Grace, Deepti Gupta, Peter Pasco, Eta Pico, Gregory Sims & Brenda Varda

We the People: "Adhering to Their Enemies"

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
directed by Kimberly Atkinson & Amir Levi

ALL PROCEEDS for the APRIL 10 event went to California Common Cause, a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to restoring the core values of American democracy, reinventing an open, honest, and responsive government that works for the public interest, and empowering ordinary people to make their voices heard.

Writers: Ricky Abilez, Jaisey Bates, Rachael Carnes, Jen Huszcza, Giovanni Jose, Corey Klemow , Carene Rose Mekertichyan, Therese Olson , Michael Robinson, Stephanie Smalley & Brenda Varda

Cast: Altesa J. Baker, Sandra Benton, Cristina Frias, Demetris Hartman, Corey Klemow , Sigute Miller, Therese Olson , Giovanni Ortega, Matt Pascua, Ruth Silveira & Brenda Varda

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