Sacred Fools Workshop Series:

book and lyrics by Vanessa Claire Stewart
music by Ryan Johnson
directed by Jaime Robledo

First Public Reading: Mon, Oct. 6, 2014

Deadly is an original musical about the true story of America’s first serial killer, H.H. Holmes. Set in 1890s Chicago during the World’s Fair, Deadly is told from the point of view of H.H. Holmes’ victims, as they seek to enact revenge by revealing the truth of Holmes’ secrets from beyond the grave.


A peek at the score. A baby and a playby!  French Stewart ("Benjamin Pitezel") & daughter and Keith Wilbur ("H.H. Holmes") Musical director Ryan Johnson leads the cast in a music rehearsal. Author Vanessa Stewart ("Louis & Keely," "Stoneface") Aviva Pressman & producer Brian Wallis. Director Jaime Robledo ("Watson," "Stoneface") Erin Holt ("Evelyn") Aviva Pressman, Cj Merriman ("Emeline") & Rebecca Larsen ("Julia")

Photography by Jonas Oppenheim & Ben Rock


Keith Wilbur as Holmes
French Stewart as Pitezel
Eric Curtis Johnson as Geyer
Becca Flinn as Myrta

Chorus of Victims:
Alyssa Preston as Mrs. Holton
Erin Holt as Evelyn
Rena Strober as Jennie
Cj Merriman as Emeline
Leah Weissbuch as Pearl
Rebecca Larsen as Julia
Vanessa Claire Stewart as Minnie
Whitney Avalon as Anna


Producer - Brian Wallis
Dramaturge - Guy Picot

An early version of DEADLY originally appeared in our late-night show, SERIAL KILLERS.

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At a Glance
First Public Reading:
Mon, Oct. 6, 2014
Book & Lyrics by
Vanessa Stewart
Music by
Ryan Johnson
Directed by
Jaime Robledo
Other 2013-14 Workshops:

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