Sacred Fools Workshop Series: Everybody's Got the Plague

music, lyrics & book by Zachary Bernstein
directed by Guy Picot

First Reading: June 26, 2013

Being seventeen is hard. Reaching eighteen is harder.

Central Europe in the fourteenth century: Eleanor’s having a hard time being a new girl at Friedlichburg High. She has to deal with mean girls, dumb boys, her racist Aunt Mimi, and the Black Plague. But she doesn’t let it get her down until her ex-boyfriend shows up and everybody starts dying. Everybody’s Got the Plague is a new musical featuring original songs in the style of ’50s pop and ’60s soul.


Director Guy Picot. Author/composer Zachary Bernstein. Peggio, the would-be plague doctor. Chairman Barnes & Laura Napoli rehearse. A rehearsal at home.  (L-R: Megan Crockett, Julia Griswold & Zachary Bernstein) A rehearsal at home (Clockwise from top left: David Mayes, Erin Parks & Matt Valle) Logo by Jim Pierce

Photography by Jonas Oppenheim & Ben Rock


While this workshop employs a rotating cast of actors, the first reading, held on June 26th, 2013, featured the talents of:

Megan Crockett as Eleanor
Shannon Nelson as Gertrude
Natalie Rose as Magda
Julia Griswold as Becky
Will McMichael as Osgood
Amir Levi as Heathcote
Matt Valle as Peggio
Chairman Barnes as Dr. Verte
Laura Napoli as Ina
Erin Parks as Vice Principal Chauncy
Lauren Van Kurin as Aunt Mimi


Producers - David Mayes & Megan Crockett
Dramaturges - Aaron Brown & Julia Griswold

An early version of EVERYBODY'S GOT THE PLAGUE originally appeared in our late-night show, SERIAL KILLERS.

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At a Glance
First Reading: June 26, 2013
Music, Lyrics & Book by
Zachary Bernstein
Directed by
Guy Picot
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Sacred Fools launched its Workshop Series in order to provide opportunities for company members to expand and enrich material that is still under construction, outside of the pressure of production.  MORE ABOUT THE WORKSHOP SERIES