Founded in 1997, the award-winning Sacred Fools Theatre Company is dedicated to creating theatre that invigorates, enlightens and entertains, in a supportive, collaborative atmosphere.

Sacred Fools is known, in part, for plays that combine spectacle and theatrics with a playful yet acerbic sense of humor.  But our artistic vision is truly eclectic.  The one over-riding principle is that we do theater that is truly theater - works that are intended for and make the best use of the theatrical medium.

We are one of the most prolific theatre companies in Los Angeles, perhaps in the world.  In just over a decade, Sacred Fools has produced over 100 full productions, as well as countless other projects.

We have won many local theatre awards, as well as several Honorable Mentions and nominations.

We do not charge dues to our membership, relying instead on ticket sales, donations and fundraising.

Sacred Fools is a member-driven company.  Our members elect our Artistic Directors, and it is a privilege of membership to propose projects for their consideration.

Sacred Fools is an open company.  Anybody can get involved, and membership is based on willingness to contribute to seeing other people's art realized.  Support us, and we'll support you!  (Wanna be a Fool?  Here are the rules and benefits of membership!)

Membership does NOT grant casting privileges.  Most of our shows are cast with the same open-door policy we apply to membership.  This both ensures that we continue to attract the best artists to our theater, and that our shows are not vanity productions.

Sacred Fools is the home of Fast & Loose, a popular 24-hour theatre project called "One of the best theatre experiences in town" by BackStage West.

Sacred Fools has nurtured or given birth to several other critically acclaimed projects and companies, including:

   - The GRIMM! series - born at Sacred Fools in 2001, continued at the MET Theatre in 2002 and 2003.

   - Instant Films - a 48-hour film project born out of Fast & Loose, and co-created by Sacred Fools founder John Sylvain.

   - Tina Kronis and Richard Alger's Theatre Movement Bazaar, whose Crque Pcnque, a co-production of TMB and Sacred Fools, performed by invitation at the 2004 Piccolo Spoleto Arts Festival in Charleston, South Carolina.

   - Dean Cameron's Nigerian Spam Scam Scam began at Sacred Fools and now regularly tours the world.  Read about the original production!

   - Bukowsical! - This 2006 Foolish World Premiere was also a hit at the 2007 New York Fringe Fest!  Read about the original production!

   - Louis & Keely Live at the Sahara premiered at the Fools in summer 2008 to sellout crowds, was remounted at the Matrix Theatre that fall, and returned in Spring of 2009 at the Geffen Playhouse! 
Read about the original production!

In the fall of 2003, Sacred Fools participated in the first ever Los Angeles Future Project, which gave a grant to three local theatre companies to create an original piece of children's theatre.  The Fools' entry was Holon, which BackStage West praised as "45 captivating minutes of light-hearted entertainment."


The Sacred Fools Theater is dedicated to creating and fostering a dynamic, empowered artistic community in Los Angeles. The company is run solely by the ensembled artists. We have an ongoing commitment to the development of new plays and projects which challenge traditional expectations of the theatrical experience. Our goal is to produce work which invigorates, enlightens and entertains. We believe that theater is a popular and vital art form which inspires and transforms its audience and its members.