a cat wrote this play.
written & directed by padraic duffy
Who doesn't love a good yarn... ?
A story about love, death and authorial intent.

wednesday & thursday
october 7 & 8, 2009 at 8pm
tickets: $10 - call 310.281.8337
or buy online now

“Love is a strange thing to find in hell. But for some reason, here it has flourished…”

Meet Terrence.  Terrence is a novelist stuck in a story written by his cat Twitters.  But what does Kit, a lost little girl, have to do with Twitters?  How much does a soul go for these days?  And who the hell are Chaz and Smacky?

a cat wrote this play. made its debut in our late-night show Serial Killers, where it ultimately won the First Annual Serial Killers Playoffs this summer!  The showdown was brutal. The competition was bloody.  The votes were close.  “Cat” survived.

Come find out why: the seventeen haunting, reeling episodes of the serial have now been crafted into a single hour-long fairy tale that’s spooky, hilarious, and surprisingly poignant.  From the playwright who brought you Beaverquest! The Musical! and the “breathtakingly inventive” (L.A. Times) The Mechanical Rabbit.

See the absurd story that kept audiences hooked for months.  It is in turns heartbreaking, mysterious and uplifting- a Lynchian fairy tale full of laughs, romance and accordion music.

see video & photos of the original Serial Killers version of "a cat wrote this play"

scott leggett
as terrence
sean sweeney
as dan
lauren nasman
as bab
henry dittman
as smacky
paul plunkett
as chaz
tifanie mcqueen
as jaz
heather klinke
as kit
corey klemow
as chad
kimberly atkinson
as jessica
brendan hunt
as twitters
joe fria
as dog
rachel germaine
as penelope
bryan krasner
as rick
colin willkie
as kyle
david lm mcintyre
as the bird
jennifer fenten
as lacey
matthew patrick davis
as accordion man
choreography by natasha norman  *  sound design by padraic duffy
stage management by hans gelpke  *  lighting design by aaron francis
additional music by kubilay uner * puppets by erika salomon & rachel howe
cast photos by c.m. gonzalez (photo of kimberly atkinson by haven hartman)