A small donation can help ensure our continued success,
and get you recognition in the lobby and website -
as well as a deduction on your taxes!

As of Summer 2010:
150 Performances.  273 Serials.  Over 800 participants.
More than 8600 audience members.

Over the past few years Serial Killers has grown from a small late night comedy show into a large vibrant community of theater artists determined to do great work, and a lot of it. Whether onstage, backstage, or in the seats, we are a family - we support each other when times are rough, help each other grow artistically, clown it up, and celebrate our victories... often into the early morning. We keep ticket prices absurdly low so that people can come back again and again, and we try to give as many artists as possible an opportunity to jump onstage and have fun. And now we have reached a crossroads.

We need your help.

Over the past ten years Sacred Fools has put up scores of award winning plays, all the while maintaining open auditions and dues-free membership. Keeping up with all of the expenses a theater incurs- rent being the biggest- is a huge challenge. Without the continued financial support of our theater community - artists and audience members alike - it is impossible to keep our doors open.

That is why we ask that you consider joining THE FRIENDS OF SERIAL KILLERS.

For a small donation of $20, you will be recognized in our program and lobby as a supporter of Serial Killers and all the work we do.  (If you are feeling generous, please feel free to give more!)

We canít offer you trips to France and Powerbooks - we arenít KCRW. What we can offer you is our heartfelt thanks, and our vow that with your support, we will continue to produce theater that makes you laugh, and makes you friends.

Thank you for your support.

Make a $20 minimum donation, and be sure to write "Friends of Serial Killers"
under "Personal Note to be included with Donation" on the online Donation form.

P.S. Prefer to write a check?
Please make checks payable to:
Sacred Fools Theater Company
P.O. Box 29312
Los Angeles, CA 90029-0312
and write "Friends of Serial Killers" on the check

Sacred Fools is a Not For Profit, 501(c) 3 organization.
Donations are 100% tax deductible.


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