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Serial Killers: Season 15

Late-Night Saturdays at 11pm
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HOW IT WORKS: Each week, three continuing stories face off against two new tales. At the end of the show, you vote for the three stories that you would like to see continue on to next Saturday night, where their subsequent episodes will then be pitted against two completely new storylines. Each week's serials could live on for weeks... or be quietly smothered in their sleep its up to you. But whichever pieces you vote for, one thing is for certain - by the end of the evening, you will be a Serial Killer.

The season will culminate with the Playoffs - an elimination round in which the season's longest-running serials compete to be the last left standing and finish their story - and win cash prizes!


For the 15th season of Serial Killers, we're bringing back our deadliest writers! With strong new talent facing up each week against winners from the past 14 seasons, this season of SK can guarantee you'll never know what you'll see.

This year, for the FIRST TIME EVER, FOUR serials will get to finish their story at the end of the Playoffs. The winner gets to take home $2000 in cash and prizes, and second place gets $1000 in cash and prizes. Are you and your crew funny enough, dramatic enough, deadly enough to take home the goods?

Bring your program from Gifted for a $7 ticket at the door!

Writers' Guide - read up for new info!

RECOMMENDED / BEST OF L.A. 2015 - L.A. Weekly! "...not only a phenomenal talent and play incubator of industrial scale but one of the surest late-night gut-busting laugh bets in town."

A "medley of hysterical chaos!" -SoCal.com

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Skit Slayers II: Classic Skit Slayers
Episode 8

written & directed by Padraic Duffy

I still have never meta skit I didn't like!


Raise Your Hand... From the DEAD!
Episode 5

written by Natalie Nicole Dressel
directed by Sofija Dutcher

A hands-down thriller. Two thumbs way off.


Gail Gordon, Time-Travling Cougar
Episode 3

written by Monica Howe
directed by Joe Jordan

Doing it... for humankind..



Episode 1

written & directed by Jenelle Riley
based on Darque Magick by Jenelle Riley

A gritty reboot telling the dark origin story of a character you only thought you knew.

Little Stinkers
Episode 1

written by J. Bailey Burcham
directed by Tim Kopacz

Adults can cul-de-suck it.

PLUS TWO CHALLENGERS TBA! (Will one of them be YOU?)

After the show, join us next door at the Broadwater Plunge while the votes are counted to find out which serials are coming back next week!

Shows sell out, so be sure to arrive early, or buy your tickets in advance!

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