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Continuing Serial:

Raise Your Hand... From the DEAD!

written by Natalie Nicole Dressel
directed by Sofija Dutcher

A hands-down thriller. Two thumbs way off.

Next Time: Episode 5
Began 2/15/20

Episode One: "Pinkie" (2/15/20)

Summary: The retired and disgraced Detective Palmer has been telling the story for ten years now about how a disembodied hand was the culprit in a series of stranglings ten years earlier, but nobody has ever believed her. In fact, she was the primary suspect. She tells the story of how the hand attacked a young couple, Trip and Pinkie, while they were on a date, but Special Agent Shaker isn't buying it... until the hand appears in the station and attacks Detective Palmer. The hand has been stalking her for ten years. And so, now that Shaker has seen the truth, Detective Palmer gets her old job back, and the two agree to team up to find the hand before it strikes again. But when they shake hands... Detective Palmer's hand comes off!


Photos by Jake Tittl

Episode Two: "Thumbson" (2/22/20)

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Mr. Thumbson is grading his students' hand turkeys when one of them springs to life and strangles him to death; it's the disembodied hand! Meanwhile, Special Agent Shaker asks Detective Palmer why she screamed when her prosthetic hand came off when they shook hands. "Because you pulled my hand off!" says the amputee detective. They go to question Pinkie, who is now living in a trailer park with a passel of noisy children; she tells them she should investigate a Dr. Manos. But after they leave, the sounds of children suddenly stop - they were a recording. The hand is there... and the hand and Pinkie are in league together!


Photos by Jessie Bias

Episode Three: "Loopie & Archie" (2/29/20)

Summary: Happy couple Loopie and Archie are playing Twister when the hand strangles Archie. Meanwhile, Detective Palmer and Special Agent Shaker discover that Thumbsons last word was "loans" - and they find a business card on him for Dr. Manos, Fear Expert - who we see is in league with the hand. En route to Manos' manor, Shaker tells Palmer the highlights of her life story - her divorced parents, her graduation from Special Agent School, and the discovery that she can't have children. However, Palmer declines to tell her the story of how she lost her hand. Upon arrival at Manos' lair, he claims to know what they're afraid of - and the hand clamps itself over Palmer's mouth, as she's afraid of not being heard... and Shaker's fear is letting people down, so a vengeful Pinkie stabs her. Is this the end for our heroes... ?


Photos by Jake Tittl

Episode Four: "Mano y Manos" (3/7/20)

Summary: Flashback to Manos in school studying to be a doctor. He makes a deal with the disembodied hand to work together, but warns the appendage that should it ever betray him, there'll be hell to pay. Today, at the Pain Asylum: Dr. Manos is torturing Special Agent Shaker with various unpleasant sounds and textures, while in the next room, Pinkie works over Detective Palmer, accusing her of abandoning her and allowing the cops to pin the murder on her all those years ago. She leaves Palmer alone with the hand... but it turns out the hand can't go through with killing her. It transpires that the hand is afraid of Dr. Manos and just can't do this anymore - and frees Palmer. They both go to the other room to rescue Shaker. Manos, furious at being betrayed, tells the hand, "Nobody loves you" - and the hand strangles him. Despite this, Shaker wants to shoot the hand, saying it's evil, while Palmer begs her not to. But they're interrupted when Pinkie arrives with a bomb strapped to her chest...


Photos by Scott Golden


Natalie Nicole Dressel Detective Palmer (Eps. 1-4)
Marian Gonzalez The Hand (Eps. 1-4)
Cj Merriman Special Agent Shaker (Eps. 1-4)
Colin Willkie Trip (Ep. 1)
Rebekah Boroughs Pinkie (Eps. 1-4)
Ian Price Mr. Thumbson (Ep. 2)
Mr. Thumbson's Corpse (Ep. 3)
Travis Snyder-Eaton Loopie (Ep. 3)
Nathan Wellman Archie (Ep. 3)
Scott Leggett Dr. Manos (Eps. 3-4)