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Actors & Directors:

EMail us at and include your headshot (actors) and resume (actors & directors).

Writer's Guidelines:

Please note: this guide was last revised just before the start of Season 14. There may be slight revisions to this guide before Season 15 gets underway, particularly regarding Playoffs structure.


We are looking for episodic serials of any genre.

Each episode should not be more than TEN MINUTES long.  (Suggested: 7 pages) There are penalties for going over time - see RULES section below.

It helps if each episode has a “hook” or “cliffhanger” that makes the audience want to see more. Remember- you only have ten minutes to win them over.

While each episode is part of an ongoing story, make sure they can stand on their own.

Having an ending to your story in mind helps. Remember, you could potentially be writing a script a week.

Avoid writing a tech heavy play - You will have a maximum of 1/2 hour of tech the day of the performance.

Only submit what you intend to put up in the show. That means your piece should be formatted for the stage, i.e., no screenplays, short stories, etc. SEND THE SCRIPT IN PDF FORM.

No rough drafts. Bring your "A" game!


Submit the first episode electronically to , along with a paragraph on where you in general see the story going in following episodes. While we only ask for the first installment, we STRONGLY encourage you to write the second as well- if your story is voted to move on, you have ONE WEEK before your second episode premieres.

We are always accepting submissions.

Feel free to send multiple submissions.


Writers are responsible for producing their plays, including finding actors and a director. However, the Serial Killers producers are more than happy to help writers find people they need.

Actors can only perform in two pieces on any given night (except during the playoffs).

On the day of the performance, each play will receive 1/2 hour in the space to Tech and 1/2 hour of rehearsal. Directors are STRONGLY encouraged to rehearse outside of the theater, or book space in the theater to rehearse, during the week. Contact our Production Manager to make a space request via this form.

At 3:30pm, there is a quick meeting to go over scene changes from one serial to another, curtain call, and other important information regarding parking, safety, backstage conduct and other issues. WRITERS AND/OR DIRECTORS: Please make sure as much of your cast as possible is present at this meeting, as there is a lot of information to impart! Directors are responsible for making sure all of this information is imparted to any of their cast members not present.

The meeting will be followed by a run-through. The run-through is treated as a regular show - there will be no starting and stopping except for safety issues.

The more complete cast you have at your final run-through, the better off you'll be!

After the run-through, producers will give notes to each director, who will then give notes to their actors. Directors should wait to give notes to actors until they have gotten their producer notes, as the producers may have notes that will affect the actors.

New pieces will be announced at least two weeks before their premiere.

A writer can only have one serial running at any given time (except during the playoffs).


There is a TEN MINUTE time limit. During the actual performance, if a piece exceeds 10 minutes, it will lose ONE vote. It will then lose ONE vote every 15 seconds it continues.

An actor may only appear in TWO different serials per week during the regular season. For the Playoffs, there will be no limits on the number of serials an actor can appear in.

Every week during the regular season, each serial’s director will have half an hour of tech time and half an hour of stage time. Availability of Tech Staff during the individual stage time is subject to their purview and availability (courtesy and gratitude go a long way!!!).

At 3:30PM on the day of the show, there will be a brief Producer meeting with all casts. At 4:00PM on the day of the show, there will be full run-through with tech. We highly encourage having as many cast members as possible in attendance.

The three out of five winners will be determined by audience vote at the end of the show. The audience will choose the three shows they wish to see continue, hence KILLING the other two SERIALS. If there is a tie, the top four vote getters will move forward.

FIVE-OUT OPTION: Any serial that performs a fifth episode receives an “opt-out” option. The opt-out may be used immediately after any subsequent episode or not at all. Staying in the competition however, may improve playoff seeding. All serials that receive the “Five-Out” option automatically qualify for the playoffs. The "Five-Out" option has been eliminated this year.


The playoffs are taking yet another new form this year! The top five serials from the season, by number of episodes, will join the remaining three left alive at the end of the regular season for a three-week playoff.

The two serials with the lowest vote count get eliminated each week until we reach the final week, where the Champion, 2nd place, and two runners-up will be decided by audience vote.

This year, for the first time ever, FOUR serials will get to finish their story in the final week!

THE PRIZES (Sponsored by the Broadwater Plunge)

FIRST PRIZE ($2000 value):
     $500 check to the writer
     $500 check to the director
     $500 Plunge gift card (for a big old party!)
     20 $25 Plunge gift cards (for a series of smaller parties)

SECOND PRIZE ($1000 value):
     $250 check to the writer
     $250 check to the director
     20 $25 Plunge gift cards


Round One: Eight Serials Enter – Six Serials Leave (4/11/2020)
Time Limit: 8 Minutes

Round Two: Six Serials Enter – Four Serials Leave (4/18/2020)
Time Limit: 10 Minutes

Round Three: Four Serials Enter – A Winner is Crowned (4/25/2020)
Time Limit: 15 Minutes