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Continuing Serial:

Gail Gordon, Time-Travling Cougar

written by Monica Howe
directed by Joe Jordan

Doing it... for humankind.

Next Time: Episode 3
Began 2/29/20

Theme Music by Joshua Fielstra
Custom Prop by Julianna Parr

Episode One: "Hitler, of Course" (2/29/20)

Summary: Gail Gordon is a mature woman whose mission is to rewrite the past, traveling through time to stop troubled boys from becoming terrible men. First up: young Adolf. Gail travels to Vienna in 1910 to seduce a 21-year-old Hitler, whose racist and nationalistic views are already in evidence. She has him take her home and show her his paintings, and she presuades him that she loves his artwork. The two have a passionate affair - and, thanks to her encouragement, he re-submits his paintings to the Academy... and gets in! Now a happy young man, Adolf sets off on his life as an artist, and Gail - her mission accomplished - triumphantly time travels out of Vienna in a blast of light and a blend of futuristic and cougar sounds.


Photos by Jake Tittl

Episode Two: "Jeffrey Dahmer" (3/7/20)

Summary: Gail Gordon tries to decide who's next on her list - Osama Bin Laden, maybe? But Stella assigns her to a 22-year-old Jeffrey Dahmer, whose interest she initially piques with an 80s rock tune. Though Jeffrey is gay, he finds himself attracted to Gail, and takes her home to see his collection of animal bones. He shares that he was a combat medic who took to drinking, ruining his potential career as a doctor, but his romance with Gail inspires him to return to pre-med school on a G.I. bill grant, diverting him from his grisly future. Next time: Vlad the Impaler.


Photos by Scott Golden


Nancy Kissam Gail Gordon (Ep. 1)
Erin Matthews Gail Gordon (Ep. 2)
Tim Kopacz Adolf (Ep. 1)
David Mayes Man (Ep. 1)
Jessie Bias Woman (Ep. 1)
Demetris Hartman Jeffrey (Ep. 2)
Rebecca Larsen Stella (Ep. 2)