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Resource disparity is the river from which all the streams of inequality flow. By focusing our efforts directly on the heart of the problem, we simultaneously impact every inequity that stems from it. Through this we will bring real and lasting change to our community.

The tragedy and social unrest of 2020 has forced our society to take a hard look in the mirror. We can’t afford to fall back on the same divisive politics and flawed ideologies that got us here. The truth matters, especially when it shines a light on our own hypocrisies and past failures. Functional change is not about guilt or outrage, it’s about identifying a problem and solving that problem.

We are committed to separating fact from fiction by drawing a clear distinction between objective truths and ideological beliefs.  Only by discerning the true nature of systemic inequity can we hope to devise strategies to address it in a lasting and meaningful manner. We strive to create a more evolved form of social justice that can move the needle like never before. No more virtue signalling, no more divisiveness. No more wasted time.

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own."
- Bruce Lee

Every action we take during this precious moment in history will address disparity as directly as humanly possible. We will not let optics pressure us into actions that are inconsequential or outright destructive to our overarching goal of increasing opportunities. We will not measure success by the number of diverse faces we are able to display on our website, or by optics of any kind. The true measure of our success will be how much access and opportunity we are able to generate and sustain for the underserved members of our community. Every action will open a door that was previously closed, and in this we will give the underserved the power to rise to their full potential and ultimately chart their own course in life. By becoming a vehicle of opportunity our company will naturally become more diverse, and this change will stand the test of time because it will have been done organically. On that day, we will no longer need to split focus between the needs of our company and the needs of our community, because on that day they will be one and the same.

Honesty. Unity. Focus.

Explore this site for updates on our EDI Initiatives and their ongoing progress.

Picture of Martin Luther King Jr. With Quote 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.'