Project Description:
Evolving Justice is an upcoming series of community discussions about social justice and what we can do to make it a more effective weapon in our fight for equality. The world is a very different place than it was 60 years ago and yet our strategies and ideologies have changed very little.  This series will dare to challenge even the most sacred of conventions and discover which beliefs hold up to objective scrutiny. Moreover, we will use this platform to magnify the voices of those who live on the front lines on the struggle.

Start Date: 9/9/2020
Completion Date: 10/3/2020
Marc Antonio Pritchett
To challenge convention, inspire critical thought and explore the ways we can all do better.
Engaging subject matter, diverse panelists and insightful discussion are key to growing our viewership and/or readership.
We can inspire others to approach social justice in a more functional manner.
The discussions will provide insights valuable in our own EDI endeavors.
Integrity must be maintained throughout the life of this initiative to ensure sustainability.