Project Description:
Foolish Field Trips will be an ongoing program that organizes Sacred Fools members to gather as an audience for theatre featuring underserved artists. EDI will choose a show to support, choose a date, and announce it to the company. Company members will be invited to see the show together and, when possible, be invited to an eatery local to the theater for a pre show dinner. The evening should feel like a special event fostering togetherness for the membership in addition to being a great opportunity to see art we might otherwise miss. This program will include streaming programming until such a point as live theatre becomes a viable option.

Start Date: 4/11/2021
Completion Date: 10/3/2020
Lemon Baardsen
To create an outreach program that helps us to see and be seen by the underserved.
Habits take time to develop so we'll need to keep constant, gentle pressure on the company to ensure consistent participation.
Organization and planning is key to making this as easy for folks to incorporate into their busy schedules as possible.(
While there is a clear function reason for these events, they should not feel like work. They should feel like awesome social activities that also happen to be for a great cause.
Increased audience size for the underserved
Increased awareness among Fools of the underserved artists of Los Angeles to foster connections and future opportunities for collaboration
Increased sense of community for Fools members
Synergy with our other initiatives (Sharing The Spotlight, The Peer Review, etc)
We foster a reputation of supportive action for Fools
Integrity must be maintained throughout the life of this initiative to ensure sustainability.