Project Description:
We will create an alternative theatre review system to address the inequities of traditional review sources in the greater Los Angeles area. In addition, this system will occasionally post features about upcoming productions and about theatre companies/organizations that feature the works of underserved  artists.

Start Date: 8/14/2020
Completion Date: 4/6/2021
Marc Antonio Pritchett
Michael Shepperd
Liz Ross
The inequities of our current review system have been known and debated for quite some time with very little positive change.
Meanwhile, the underserved members of our community continue to be denied fair access to unbiased critical review.
This project will address that issue by creating a new and improved option from the ground up.
Reviewers must be of diverse backgrounds and have significant theatrical and/or dramaturgical experience.
We will work to deploy our reviewers to the places of most need to assure access.
Criticisms will be as constructive and unbiased as is humanly possible. Silence itself will be the harshest of criticisms.
The more successful we are the more pressure will applied to traditional reviews sources to follow suit.
Like our road map, this initiative will provide a proof of concept that others can emulate.
Integrity must be maintained throughout the life of this initiative to ensure sustainability.