To use all available tools to create and enact EDI Initiatives that target resource disparity as efficiently and as sustainably as possible. To accomplish this, we must avoid the pitfalls that have befallen similar initiatives in the past and we must make use of all available synergies within and outside of our walls.

Secure trustworthy statistics to assess current status and to measure future progress
Collect any and all statistics that add definition to the scope of disparity in our company
Monitor progress to assess effectiveness of our initiatives over time
Network with TPLLA and other sources to provide a wider view of the situation
Monitor progress of community to assess our relative effectiveness over time
Actions that target disparity directly must take priority
Dismantle the filters that impede the progress of the underserved
Increase the diversity of those with the power to create upward mobility
Increase the demand for diverse talent in front and behind the scenes
Provide tools so the underserved are better equipped to challenge the system
Actively connect the underserved to those that can provide upward mobility
Increase the visibility and supply of diverse talent in front and behind the scenes
Use synergies to increase the efficiency and scope of actions taken
Make full use of the skills, tools, and contacts of our membership
Make full use of our facilities
Make full use of our online/remote capabilities
Network with others that are willing to offer talents, tools and/or contacts
Coordinate our initiatives with other companies/organizations to amplify our impact
Amplify the initiatives of other companies/organizations if in line with our central goal
Gather members experience of the underserved people they know
Create a public hub with current productions featuring the underserved
Deploy members to see and report on productions featuring the underserved
Network with other companies to exchange knowledge of the underserved
Build relationships with companies that feature the underserved
Build relationships with organizations that focus on the underserved
  • We must feed the souls we have and the souls we hope to uplift until they are one and the same
  • The underserved members of our company will be prioritized in all our efforts
  • We must only continue initiatives that move the needle in tangible ways
  • We must rebuild trust by creating balanced systems of accountability
  • Once they reach maturity, our initiatives must be self-sustaining, freeing us up to create additional ones
  • We will secure grants and other resources so that our work can continue and grow in impact

Our heart is our moral compass and tells us what we need to accomplish. Our mind figures out how to achieve it. Our will is the fuel we will use to stay on course until we reach our destination. Here are the stakes:

  • We heal the divides in our company by working together to achieve a common goal
  • We organically evolve into a company that reflects the community we live in
  • We change the landscape of Los Angeles theatre, forever
  • We develop and refine a proof of concept that others can use on a much larger scale
  • We help change the world for the better
  • We damage any remaining hope the underserved have that things will ever change
  • We embolden others to waste time on the superficial while the underserved slowly drown in disparity
  • We waste this once in a lifetime chance to change our community for the better

The only path forward is together. The stakes are far too high to let anything get in the way of accomplishing our mission. We must overcome any obstacle that impedes our progress. We must stack up as many wins as it takes to get to our destination, and we must have the will to see this through to the end. We must have the courage to lead.

Honesty. Unity. Focus.