The Poe Show

created & directed by Ed Goodman
starring Brendan Hunt (Absolutely Filthy) as "Poe"

Fridays @ 11pm
Oct. 10, 17 & 24, 2014
A different show each week!

Tickets: $10
Reservations: (310) 281-8337 or Buy Tickets Online

LIVE FROM BURBANK, IT'S EDGAR ALLAN POE! Tear up the planks at Edgar Allan Poe's very own late-night variety show. Each week, thrill to different special guests, spooky acts, and enough surprises to drive you INSANE!

An earlier version of THE POE SHOW was seen in "Serial Killers"


Brendan Hunt as Poe
Ed Goodman as The Raven

and different surprise guests each week!


Assistant Director - Jeremy Aldridge
Head Writer - Ed Goodman
Written by - Bryan Bellomo, Brendan Hunt, Scott Leggett, David Mayes, Marz Richards, Lauren Van Kurin & Nathan Wellman
Producers - Bryan Bellomo, Scott Leggett & David Mayes
Associate Producer - Marz Richards
Costumes - Linda Muggeridge
Key Art - Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin

Previous Guests

OCTOBER 10 ("The Horrible Sanity of the Poe Show"):

Joe Fria as Phantom of the Opera
Donal Thoms-Cappello as Walt Whitman
Jaime Robledo as Intern H.P. Lovecraft
Carrie Keranen as Sarah Goode / Helen Keller
Bryan Krasner as James Sprenger
Bryan Bellomo as Reverend Probst
Heather Schmidt as Goodie Silver
Nathan Wellman as Magistrate Silver / The Red Death
Cj Merriman as Goodie Brown
Marz Richards as Magistrate Haggins
Lauren Van Kurin as Goodie Daniels
Scott Leggett as Dr. William Mayo

OCTOBER 17 ("The Facts in the Case of the Poe Show")

Eric Curtis Johnson as Dr. Victor Frankenstein
Bryan Krasner as Frankenstein's Monster
Lauren Van Kurin as Bride of Frankenstein
Scott Leggett as Dr. William Mayo
Jaime Robledo as Intern H.P. Lovecraft
Julia Griswold as Regan
Karl Herlinger as Karl
Amir Levi as Edwin Booth
Joe Fria as John Wilkes Booth / The Red Death
Heather Schmidt as Tammy
Ed Goodman as Gen. George Armstrong Custer
Marz Richards as Crazy Horse
Jeremy Aldridge as Young Goodman Brown
Rebecca Larsen as Susan B. Anthony
Bryan Bellomo as David Livingstone
Carrie Keranen as Virginia Poe

OCTOBER 24 ("The Poe Show Nevermore II")

Carrie Keranen as Virginia Poe / Mary Todd Lincoln
Suzanne Blunk as Harriet Tubman
Guy Picot as Tiny Tim
Lauren Van Kurin as Lizzie Borden
Bryan Krasner as Aaron Burr
Pat Towne as Congressman Preston Brooks
Scott Leggett as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Joe Fria as Sherlock Holmes
Eric Curtis Johnson as C. Auguste Dupin
Marz Richards as Dracula
Ryan Johnson as Renfield / Keyboard
Amir Levi as Running Foot /  The Red Death
Heather Schmidt as Tom Sawyer
Ed Goodman as Mark Twain


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At a Glance
FRIDAYS @ 11pm
OCT 10, 17 & 24, 2014
Created & Directed by
Ed Goodman
Starring Brendan Hunt
as Poe