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written & directed by Ed Goodman
(episode 3 directed by Pat Towne)

5 Episodes
Original Run:  4 Episodes - 12/5/09 - 1/16/10
Playoffs: 1 Episode - 5/29/10

Live from Burbank... It's Edgar Allan Poe!


Brendan Hunt

Edgar Allan Poe (Eps. 1-4)

Jaime Andrews

Mrs. Poe (Ep. 1)
(Eps. 1-2 & 4-5)

Henry Dittman

Mark Twain (Eps. 3 & 5)

Julia Griswold

Tom Sawyer (Eps. 3-5)

Pat Towne

The Sparrow / Constable (Ep. 3)

Richard Levinson

Steamboat Charlie (Ep. 3)

Colin Willkie

The Priest (Ep. 4)

Ed Goodman

The Raven (Eps. 1-2 & 4-5)
Himself (Ep. 4)

by C.M. Gonzalez

EPISODE ONE (12/5/09)

Poe (Brendan Hunt) just loves sick girls (Jaime Andrews)!

Live from Burbank... The Poe Show!

The tale of the Fall of the House of Usher.
It's a bit shorter than you remember.

Your wacky host.

Memories: Mrs. Poe (Jaime Andrews) gets her son a black cat.
It attacks him savagely.  "THIS WILL AFFECT ME FOREVER!"

Dating With Poe.

Poe can't help it if he likes Sick Chicks.  In fact, that reminds him of a song...

EPISODE TWO (12/12/09)

"Trying to find your mark in the dark with no rehearsal... THAT'S scary!"

An unsavory moment between Poe and his girlfriend,
Haime Hamdrews (Jaime Andrews).

Listen to Poe's Top Thirteen Public Option-Proof Ways to Die!

An interview with Diablo Cody (Jaime Andrews).
"Am I right? Right? Right."

Poe's other guest who "writes poorly in Entertainment Weekly," Steven King (Ed Goodman).
 eventually finds Cody so annoying, he beats her with a copy of The Stand.

EPISODE THREE (12/19/09)

Sitting in for Edgar Allan Poe... Mr. Mark Twain (Henry Dittman)!

Tom Sawyer (Julia Griswold) has gotten into some mischief.

Twain's first guest is... Edgar Allan Poe!
Why... ? Number one reason: so the show can have
a host who was successful in his own lifetime!

A clip of the last time Twain was on the show leads to a clip of
the last time Twain filled in which leads to another clip and ad infinitum...

Twain talks about those abolitionist ladies, which leads to a slip of the tongue.

This cannot possibly lead anywhere good.

And, indeed, it doesn't.  GOODNIGHT, FOLKS!

EPISODE FOUR (1/16/10)

The marriage of Morella and Edgar Allen Poe.
(Barely visible: Colin Willkie as The Priest.)
"Do you take this woman in sickness and in health?"
Well, in sickness, anyway.

Poe and the Raven debate a new tagline:
"Choke on something soft!"

Instead of Ernest Hemingway, Poe introduces POE SHOW writer/creator Ed Goodman.
"Getting high and reading Wikipedia doesn't constitute research."

Poe forces Ed to read to the audience an excerpt cut from the
previous episode, while Ed was with his family for the holidays:
a tasteless bit involving Mark Twain and a black man's penis.

Tom Sawyer tells us about his Christmas.
"I asked Santa for a donkey named Pickles!"
"Did you get it?"
"Nope. Got a pickle. Named it Donkey."

Poe: "Are you familiar with the writer's nightmare?"
Ed: "The one where you wake up and you're still a writer?"
Poe begins to strangle his creator.  "Ed Goodman...

FAKEOUT!  "That really hurt, Brendan!"
"There is no Brendan, THERE IS ONLY POE!"
Blackout for reals this time.


Poe has jury duty - well, actually, he's in court for killing a
cat - so Twain hosts again - this time from Poe's bathroom.

Morella arrives, ill as ever.

"Oh, turkey leavings!" Tom Sawyer's upset the show's
over already before he has a chance to do anything.