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The Box: Los Angeles

a Narrative Experiment in Late Night Theater
directed by Adriana Colón, Rebecca Larsen & Jaime Robledo
produced & created by Padraic Duffy & Hans Gelpke

MARCH 3 - 25, 2017
Fridays & Saturdays @ 11pm

IN OUR BLACK BOX SPACE - 6322 Santa Monica Blvd.

From the Creators of Serial Killers! THE BOX: LOS ANGELES is an experiment in randomly generated narrative. Given a collection of characters and settings from which to choose, writers created fragments- small scenes and snippets that will then be put together randomly and performed each night. The hope is that a story will emerge - one that is dark, mysterious, and moving.

There are a million different stories in THE BOX. In the end, we will hear just one.

If you would like to see all 60 scenes, come to all four Fridays OR all four Saturdays! Though the scenes are chosen randomly, no scene will be performed twice over the course of each 4-week track.

Tickets are Donate-What-You-Can!
Reserve a seat online and pay at the door.

Read "The Box: Los Angeles" Writers' Manual

Submissions are closed, but feel free to read the manual at the link above to learn about the world of THE BOX!

Read about the 2015 edition of "The Box"


Scot Shamblin as Father Lin
Tegan Ashton Cohan as Helen
Joshua Wolf Coleman as Det. Broady
Amy Rapp as Evelyn
Lynn Adrianna as Josefina
Diana Romo as Rosa
Mari Elizabeth as Ana
Moises Rodriguez as Roberto
Bruno Oliver as Morton Highsmith


Neal R. Alvarez, Kimberly Atkinson , Laura Beason, Zachary Bernstein , Anne Brashier, Brian Carroll, Jonathan Ceniceroz, Paula Cizmar, Rafeal Clements, Bob DeRosa , Dana DeRuyck , Emily Donn , Mike Dressel, Erik Engman , Madeline Fair, Michael Shaw Fisher , Tony Foster, Aaron Francis , Scott Golden , Randall Greenwald, Julia Griswold , Michael Gural-Maiello, Adam Hahn, Paul Hoan Zeidler, Brad Hogan, Summera Howell, Timothy Huth, Jonathan Josephson, Crystal Keith , Jennifer Kenyon, John Lacey, Rob Lecrone , Peter Lefevre, Richard Levinson , Oliver Mayer, David LM McIntyre , Tifanie McQueen , Alyson Mead, Scott Mullen, Trey Nichols, Guy Picot , Paul Plunkett , Leslie Powell, Ron Pullins, Ari Radousky , Jaime Robledo , Andrew Roxby, Mark Sande, Dale Sandlin, Scot Shamblin , Ruth Silveira , Graham Skipper, Ann-Giselle Spiegler, Scott Stein, Glenda Suggs , Alisa Tangredi , Rom Watson, Ian Patrick Williams, John Wuchte & Natalie Zutter


Stage Manager - Hans Gelpke
Lighting Design - Matt Richter
Sound Design - Suze Campagna
Set Design - Tifanie McQueen
Projection Design - Brian Wallis
Costume Design - Linda Muggeridge
Choreography - Cj Merriman
Music Direction - Zachary Bernstein
Prop Design - Bruno Oliver

- Sacred Fools Company Member

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At a Glance
MARCH 3-25, 2017
Fridays & Saturdays @ 11pm
Produced & Created by
Padraic Duffy
Hans Gelpke
Directed by
Adriana Colón
Rebecca Larsen
Jaime Robledo