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The Box: Los Angeles

a Narrative Experiment in Late Night Theater
directed by Adriana Colón, Rebecca Larsen & Jaime Robledo
produced & created by Padraic Duffy & Hans Gelpke

MARCH 3 - 25, 2017
Fridays & Saturdays @ 11pm

From the Creators of Serial Killers! THE BOX: LOS ANGELES is an experiment in randomly generated narrative. Given a collection of characters and settings from which to choose, writers will create fragments- small scenes and snippets that will then be put together randomly and performed each night. The hope is that a story will emerge - one that is dark, mysterious, and moving.

There are a million different stories in THE BOX. In the end, we will hear just one.

Read "The Box: Los Angeles" Writers' Manual (deadlines & rules on pp. 30-31)

Read about the 2015 edition of "The Box"

- Sacred Fools Company Member

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At a Glance
MARCH 3-25, 2017
Fridays & Saturdays @ 11pm
Produced & Created by
Padraic Duffy
Hans Gelpke
Directed by
Adriana Colón
Rebecca Larsen
Jaime Robledo