Sacred Fools Workshop Series:

written & directed by Aaron Francis

First Public Reading: Sun, Nov. 24, 2013
Second Public Reading: Mon, July 28, 2014

Weaver started as a serialized play in Sacred Fools’ late night show, Serial Killers, in 2010. It has been rewritten as a full-length script since then. As part of this workshop, Aaron is writing a new draft every month, ending in a reading, always with a different cast, followed by a critical note session. Once the team feels the script is in a solid place, the workshop will move on to staging and working on the complex physical demands of the script. Weaver is a play about dreams and will utilize numerous stage tricks, magic, theater illusions, precise lighting, costume, and set designs to transport the audience into the world of dreams. The physical work will begin in 2014.


These photos are from the original serialized production and do not represent this version of WEAVER.

Rebellious dream weaver Star (Julia Griswold) gives Dan (Matt Valle) a nightmare. Jackson (Eric Giancoli) dresses down Star; Dan wasn't supposed to have a nightmare. Rosie (Suzanne Karpinski) has a terrible stress dream including faceless people, an impossible day job, lost teeth and sudden nudity. A young man (Ari Radousky) with a broken heart dreams a cathartic dance sequence. Star and Jackson are exiled by the Council of Weavers.

Photography by Marian Gonzalez


Producers - Eric Giancoli, David LM McIntyre & Ari Radousky

An early version of WEAVER originally appeared in our late-night show, SERIAL KILLERS.

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At a Glance
First Public Reading:
Sun, Nov. 24, 2013
Second Public Reading:
Mon, July 28, 2014
Written & Directed by
Aaron Francis
Other 2013-14 Workshops:

Sacred Fools launched its Workshop Series in order to provide opportunities for company members to expand and enrich material that is still under construction, outside of the pressure of production.  MORE ABOUT THE WORKSHOP SERIES