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written & directed by Aaron Francis

7 Episodes
Original Run: 6 Episodes - 9/25/10 - 11/13/10
Playoffs: 1 Episode - 5/21/11

She'll make your dreams come true.


Julia Griswold

Star (Eps. 1-7)

Eric Giancoli

Jackson (Eps. 1-7)

Rebecca Larsen

Bianca (Eps. 1-7)

Matt Valle

Dan (Ep. 1)

Marianne Davis

Melissa (Ep. 1)
Voice of Jackson's Mom
(Ep. 4)

Aaron Francis
Gregory Guy Gorden

Puppeteers (Ep. 1)

Suzanne Karpinski

Rosie (Ep. 2)
Woman (Ep. 7)

Gregory Guy Gorden

David (Ep. 2)

Aaron Francis, Marianne Davis,
David Haverty & Matt Valle

Dream Engineers (Ep. 2)

Sandy Fury

Elder #1 (Ep. 3)

Ameenah Kaplan

Elder #2 (Ep. 3)

Lisamarie Costabile

Elder #3 (Ep. 3)

Megan Crockett

Elder #4 (Ep. 3)

Jennifer Kenyon

Elder #5 (Ep. 3)

Ari Radousky, Adina Valerio, Joseph Beck,
Gregory Guy Gorden, Pete Caslavka,
Ian Crossland, David Haverty,
Marianne Davis, Suzanne Karpinski,
Lisa Younger, Melissa Wintringham,
Ronni Valentine & Pogo Saito

Dancers (Ep. 3)

Suzanne Karpinski

Woman #1 (Ep. 4)

Marianne Davis

Woman #2 (Ep. 4)

Adina Valerio

Woman #3 (Ep. 4)

Matt Valle

Man #1 (Ep. 4)

Pete Caslavaka

Man #2 (Ep. 4)

Kaaden Francis

Young Jackson (Ep. 4)

Suzanne Karpinski, Adina Valerio, Ari Radousky,
Joseph Beck & Aaron Francis

Dream Technicians (Ep. 5)

Lisa Marie Costabile

Marie (Ep. 6)

Pete Caslavaka, Gregory Guy Gorden,
Ari Radousky, Joseph Beck, Aaron Mendelson,
Curt Bonnem, Suzanne Karpinski,
Adina Valerio & Erin Holt

Dream Technicians (Ep. 6)

J Warner

Paul (Ep. 7)

Crescent Muhammad

Aldona (Ep. 7)


Brandy (Ep. 7)
Choreography by Marianne Davis (Ep. 3)
Bought to you by The Kraz (Ep. 4)

EPISODE ONE (9/25/10)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Rachel Howe

SUMMARY:  Star is a Weaver of dreams... with a vengeful streak.  When a sleeper complains that his dream is too boring, she gives him a horrifying nightmare instead, landing her in hot water with her superiors.  Fellow Weaver Jackson dresses her down, but he's in love with her, and gives her one more chance... much to the chagrin of the jealous Bianca.

Star (Julia Griswold) is The Weaver. When Dan (Matt Valle) complains that he's bored with his dream of playing 'mental Battleship,' Star takes her revenge (see video). Star gives Dan a nightmare. Star gives Dan a nightmare. Star gives Dan a nightmare. Star gives Dan a nightmare. Dan wakes up, shaken, and tells Melissa (Marianne Davis) of his dream. Jackson (Eric Giancoli) dresses down Star for giving Dan a nightmare. She used to be the best, but she's no good at anything anymore. Jackson (Eric Giancoli) dresses down Star for giving Dan a nightmare. She used to be the best, but she's no good at anything anymore. He gives her one more chance: there's a grad student studying for finals who needs to have some really bad anxiety dreams. Bianca (Rebecca Larsen) thinks Jackson only gave Star one more chance because he's still in love with her.

Star gives Dan a nightmare.

EPISODE TWO (10/2/10)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Ceasar F. Barajas

SUMMARY:  Star redeems herself when she gives a dreamer an intense anxiety dream, inspiring her to study for her impending final exams.  However, Bianca interferes...

Rosie (Suzanne Karpinski) 'wakes up' late for her first day at work. Her boyfriend David (Gregory Guy Gorden) tries to help her find her shoes and keys. At work, Rosie is overwhelmed by an ever-growing wall of paperwork. She's summoned to the boss' office, and can't seem to reach the door. Rosie is surrounded by silent, faceless drones. Rosie is surrounded by silent, faceless drones. 'Will somebody please just stop and talk to me?  Please?  Can you hear me?  Can you see me?  AM I HERE?  SOMEBODY JUST NOTICE ME!' Suddenly, her teeth begin falling out. Suddenly, her teeth begin falling out. Star informs Rosie it's time for her final exam. She must give her speech in front of the class... naked. Rosie wakes up in a panic, resolving to study for her finals. Jackson is proud of the job Star did. Bianca is watching Star, waiting for her to fuck up. Bianca, interfering, gives Rosie a nightmare that David has turned into a savage gorilla. Curtain Call

Rosie's anxiety dream.

Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Ceasar F. Barajas

SUMMARY:  Star, in a good mood, creates a joyous dream for a brokenhearted dreamer... but her good mood is short lived when the Elders exile her for her "crimes" and disobedience regarding the anxiety dream.  Jackson, who is Star's watcher - and the only male ever allowed to be a Weaver - is exiled with her.  It transpires that the leader of the Elders is Bianca's mother, and is acting on her instructions.  Bianca now plans to brutally murder Star, and make Jackson fall in love with her.

A dreamer (Ari Radousky) He breaks into song and dance. (see video) Jackson's happy to see Star happy.  However, there's a situation. The Elders exile Star for her 'crimes' and disobedience. The Elders: Ameenah Kaplan, Sandy Fury, Jennifer Kenyon & Megan Crockett Jackson protests. Both are exiled. Bianca feigns sadness Bianca and her mother conspire. Curtain Call

Star gives a brokenhearted dreamer a joyous dream full of song and dance.

EPISODE FOUR (10/16/10)
Photos by Andrew Post
Video by Jay Bogdanowitsch

SUMMARY:  Jackson and Star indulge in relaxing dreams.  Star hated having to create dreams on a schedule to order.  She believes dreams are an art form and should be treated as such.  Jackson, however, thinks dreams are about driving people towards their destiny, but Star thinks he's deluded. So why create dreams, then?  Because they're good at it. And without the Weavers, people would just dream about work and commuting.

Bianca arrives and engages Star in a dream-duel, in which she is mortally wounded.  Bianca then fights Jackson, and gives him a dream of when he was a small, helpless child.  As little Jackson drowns in a dream river, Star appears to him and tells him that it's just a dream.  The water isn't real... and he's no longer a scared little boy.  As they free themselves from Bianca's manipulations, they prepare to make her pay for what she's done.

Jackson debates the nature and purpose of dreams with Star. Bianca banishes Jackson's dream. Bianca challenges Jackson to a dream-duel. (see video) Jackson dreams of being a helpless child. (see video)

Bianca and Jackson engage in dream battle, and she regresses him to childhood.

EPISODE FIVE (11/6/10)
Photos by C.M. Gonzalez
Video by Jay Bogdanowitsch

SUMMARY:  Star and Jackson pursue Bianca through the dreamscape.  When they catch her, Bianca shocks them by apologizing. She tearfully tells them that all she ever wanted was to be happy, and for people to like her. She was jealous that Jackson loved Star in a way he'll never love her.  What will they do with her?  Bianca has a plan to get them their jobs back and end their exile: invade the dreams of the Council and change their minds from within.  Having nothing to lose, Star and Jackson agree.

Bianca's bravado is about to run out. Bianca is pursued through the dreamscape. Bianca is pursued through the dreamscape. Bianca is pursued through the dreamscape. Bianca's tearful apology. 'Well, shit.  That wasn't what I expected at all.' Star ponders Bianca's plan.

EPISODE SIX (11/13/10)
Photos by Aaron Francis

SUMMARY:  Star, Jackson and Bianca invade the dreams of Marie, a member of the Council.  She dreams of humiliating subordinates and worries that her sexuality is what people value most about her.  She seduces a subordinate, which turns into an orgy... t the end of which she finds herself in bed with Star and Jackson, feeling very sexually satisfied.  That's Marie's feelings towards Star and Jackson influenced, but her desires were the simplest.  This was the easy part.  Now comes the rest of the Council...

Star is still dubious about Bianca's motives. Bianca is hurt by her mistrust.   Entering Marie's dreamscape. Marie (Lisamarie Costabile) conducts humiliating job interviews. Dream Applicant #1 (Aaron Mendelson). Dream Applicant #2 (Curt Bonnem). Dream Applicant #3 (Pete Caslavaka). Marie's dream turns steamy. Marie's dream turns steamy. Marie's dream turns steamy. Marie's dream turns steamy. Marie's dream turns steamy. Marie's dream turns steamy. Marie's dream turns steamy. A huge orgy breaks out. Marie 'wakes up' after the steamy dream... ...and finds herself in bed with Jackson and Star.


Photos by C.M. Gonzalez

SUMMARY:  Paul dreams of his dog, Brandy, who he lost when he was a kid. As the dream morphs into a dream about sex with a beautiful woman, Star, Jackson and Bianca invade his dream and send him to sleep. They can hide from the Dream Police in this limbo between sleep and wakefulness for a little while... and they're in danger if he awakens while they're there. Bianca panics, but Star has a plan: they'll take the fight directly to Aldona, Bianca's mother, by breaking into her dreams and convincing her they're no longer a threat by setting themselves up as heroes in one of her terror fantasies. Bianca is skeptical, but agrees. However, it seems that they weren't hidden after all. Aldona has heard everything.

Dean (J Warner) dreams he's seen the dog he lost as a child. He meets an old woman (Suzanne Karpinski)... ...who morphs into a sexy young woman. Dean can't believe his luck. Star and Jackson invade his dream and send him to sleep. Star convinces a skeptical Bianca to invade the dreams of her own mother. Curtain Call